HyperlinkActionType enumeration

Represents a type of hyperlink action.


Member name Description
UNKNOWN Unrecognized action type.
NO_ACTION No action.
HYPERLINK Usual hyperlink.
JUMP_FIRST_SLIDE Jump to the first slide of the presentation.
JUMP_PREVIOUS_SLIDE Jump to the previous slide.
JUMP_NEXT_SLIDE Jump to the next slide.
JUMP_LAST_SLIDE Jump to the last slide of the presentation.
JUMP_END_SHOW Jump to the end of slideshow.
JUMP_LAST_VIEWED_SLIDE Jump to the last viewed slide.
JUMP_SPECIFIC_SLIDE Jump to the specific slide, referred by target_slide property.
START_CUSTOM_SLIDE_SHOW Start custom slideshow.
OPEN_FILE Open referenced file.
OPEN_PRESENTATION Open referenced presentation.
START_STOP_MEDIA Start/stop playing mediafile.
START_MACRO Start executing macro script.
START_PROGRAM Start program.

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