IBaseSlideHeaderFooterManager class

Represents manager which holds behavior of the footer, date-time, page number placeholders for all slide types.

The IBaseSlideHeaderFooterManager type exposes the following members:


Name Description
is_footer_visible Gets value indicating that a footer placeholder is present.
Read bool.
is_slide_number_visible Gets value indicating that a page number placeholder is present.
is_date_time_visible Gets value indicating that a date-time placeholder is present.
as_i_base_header_footer_manager Returns IBaseHeaderFooterManager interface.


Name Description
set_footer_visibility(is_visible) Changes slide footer placeholder visibility.
set_slide_number_visibility(is_visible) Changes slide page number placeholder visibility.
set_date_time_visibility(is_visible) Changes slide date-time placeholder visibility.
set_footer_text(text) Sets text to slide footer placeholder.
set_date_time_text(text) Sets text to slide date-time placeholder.

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