IEffectFormat class

Represents effect properties of shape.

The IEffectFormat type exposes the following members:


Name Description
is_no_effects Returns true if all effects are disabled (as just created, default EffectFormat object).
Read-only bool.
blur_effect Blur effect.
Read/write IBlur.
fill_overlay_effect Fill overlay effect.
Read/write IFillOverlay.
glow_effect Glow effect.
Read/write IGlow.
inner_shadow_effect Inner shadow.
Read/write IInnerShadow.
outer_shadow_effect Outer shadow.
Read/write IOuterShadow.
preset_shadow_effect Preset shadow.
Read/write IPresetShadow.
reflection_effect Reflection.
Read/write IReflection.
soft_edge_effect Soft edge.
Read/write ISoftEdge.
as_i_effect_param_source Allows to get base IEffectParamSource interface.
Read-only IEffectParamSource.


Name Description
set_blur_effect(radius, grow) Sets blur effect.
enable_fill_overlay_effect() Enables fill overlay effect.
enable_glow_effect() Enables glow effect.
enable_inner_shadow_effect() Enables inner shadow effect.
enable_outer_shadow_effect() Enables outer shadow effect.
enable_preset_shadow_effect() Enables preset shadows effect.
enable_reflection_effect() Enables reflection effect.
enable_soft_edge_effect() Enables soft edge effect.
disable_blur_effect() Disables blur effect.
disable_fill_overlay_effect() Disables fill overlay effect.
disable_glow_effect() Disable glow effect.
disable_inner_shadow_effect() Disables inner shadow effect.
disable_outer_shadow_effect() Disables outer shadow effect.
disable_preset_shadow_effect() Disables preset shadow effect.
disable_reflection_effect() Disables reflection effect.
disable_soft_edge_effect() Disables soft edge effect.
get_effective() Gets effective effect formatting data with the inheritance applied.

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