ISlideShowTransition class

Represents slide show transition.

The ISlideShowTransition type exposes the following members:


Name Description
sound Returns or sets the embedded audio data.
Read-write IAudio.
sound_mode Set or returns sound mode for slide transition.
Read-write TransitionSoundMode.
sound_loop This attribute specifies if the sound will loop until the next sound event occurs in
Read-write bool.
advance_on_click Specifies whether a mouse click will advance the slide or not. If this attribute is not
specified then a value of true is assumed.
Read-write bool.
advance_after This attribute specifies if the slideshow will move to the next slide after a certain time.
Read/write bool.
advance_after_time Specifies the time, in milliseconds, after which the transition should start. This setting
may be used in conjunction with the advClick attribute. If this attribute is not specified
then it is assumed that no auto-advance will occur.
Read-write int.
speed Specifies the transition speed that is to be used when transitioning from the current slide
to the next.
Read-write TransitionSpeed.
value Slide show transition value.
Read-only ITransitionValueBase.
type Type of transition.
Read-write TransitionType.
sound_is_built_in Specifies whether or not this sound is a built-in sound. If this attribute is set to true then
the generating application is alerted to check the name attribute specified for this sound
in it’s list of built-in sounds and can then surface a custom name or UI as needed.
Read-write bool.
sound_name Specifies a human readable name for the sound of the transition. The sound property must be assigned to get or set the sound name.
Read-write string.

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