IThreeDFormatEffectiveData class

Immutable object which represents effective 3-D formatting properties.

The IThreeDFormatEffectiveData type exposes the following members:


Name Description
contour_width Returns the width of a 3D contour.
Read-only float.
extrusion_height Returns the height of an extrusion effect.
Read-only float.
depth Returns the depth of a 3D shape.
Read-only float.
bevel_top Returns the type of a top 3D bevel.
Read-only IShapeBevelEffectiveData.
bevel_bottom Returns the type of a bottom 3D bevel.
Read-only IShapeBevelEffectiveData.
contour_color Returns the color of a contour.
Read-only aspose.pydrawing.Color.
extrusion_color Returns the color of an extrusion.
Read-only aspose.pydrawing.Color.
camera Returns the settings of a camera.
Read-only ICameraEffectiveData.
light_rig Returns the type of a light.
Read-only ILightRigEffectiveData.
material Returns the type of a material.
Read-only MaterialPresetType.
as_i_three_d_param_source Allows to get base IThreeDParamSource interface.
Read-only IThreeDParamSource.

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