LoadOptions class

Allows to specify additional options (such as format or default font) when loading a presentation.

The LoadOptions type exposes the following members:


Name Description
LoadOptions() Creates new default load options.
LoadOptions(load_format) Initializes a new instance of the LoadOptions class


Name Description
load_format Returns or sets format of a presentation to load.
Read/write LoadFormat.
default_regular_font Returns or sets Regular font used in case source font is not found.
Read/write string.
default_symbol_font Returns or sets Symbol font used in case source font is not found.
Read/write string.
default_asian_font Returns or sets Asian font used in case source font is not found.
Read/write string.
password Gets or sets the password.
Read/write string.
only_load_document_properties This property makes sense, if presentation file is password protected.
Value of true means that only document properties must be loaded from an encrypted
presentation file and password must be ignored.
Value of false means that entire encrypted presentation must be loaded with use of right
If presentation isn’t encrypted then property value is always ignored.
If document properties of an encrypted file aren’t public and property value is true then
document properties cannot be loaded and exception will be thrown.
Read/write bool.
warning_callback Returns or sets an object which receives warnings and decides whether loading
process will continue or will be aborted.
Read/write IWarningCallback.
blob_management_options Represents the options which can be used to manage Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) handling behavior,
such as using of temporary files or max BLOBs bytes in memory. These options intended to set up
the best performance/memory consumption ratio for a perticular environment or requirements.
document_level_font_sources Specifies sources for external fonts to be used by the presentation.
These fonts are available to the presentation throughout its lifetime and are not shared with other presentations
interruption_token The token to monitor for interruption requests.
resource_loading_callback Returns or sets callback interface which manages external resources loading.
Read/write IResourceLoadingCallback.
spreadsheet_options Gets options for spreadsheets. For example, these options affect calculating formulas for charts.

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