Row class

Represents a row in a table.

The Row type exposes the following members:


Name Description
slide Returns the parent slide of a CellCollection.
Read-only IBaseSlide.
presentation Returns the parent presentation of a CellCollection.
Read-only IPresentation.
height Returns the height of a row.
Read-only float.
minimal_height Returns or sets the minimal possible height of a row.
Read/write float.
row_format Returns the RowFormat object that contains formatting properties for this row.
Read-only IRowFormat.
as_i_slide_component Allows to get base ISlideComponent interface.
Read-only ISlideComponent.
as_i_presentation_component Allows to get base IPresentationComponent interface.
Read-only IPresentationComponent.
as_i_collection Returns ICollection class.
as_i_enumerable Returns IEnumerable class.
as_i_cell_collection Allows to get base ICellCollection interface.
Read-only ICellCollection.
as_i_bulk_text_formattable Allows to get base IBulkTextFormattable interface.
Read-only IBulkTextFormattable.


Name Description
[index] Returns a cell by it’s position.
Read-only Cell.


Name Description
set_text_format(source) Sets defined portion format properties to all row cells’ portions.
set_text_format(source) Sets defined paragraph format properties to all row cells’ paragraphs.
set_text_format(source) Sets defined text frame format properties to all row cells’ text frames.

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