ShapeStyle class

Represent shape’s style reference.

The ShapeStyle type exposes the following members:


Name Description
line_color Returns a shape’s outline color.
Read-only IColorFormat.
line_style_index Returns or sets line’s column index in a style matrix.
Read/write int.
fill_color Returns a shape’s fill color.
Read-only IColorFormat.
fill_style_index Returns or sets shape’s fill column index in style matrices.
0 means no fill,
positive value - index in theme’s fill styles,
negative value - index in theme’s background styles.
Read/write int.
effect_color Returns a shape’s effect color.
Read-only IColorFormat.
effect_style_index Returns or sets shape’s effect column index in a style matrix.
Read/write int.
font_color Returns a shape’s font color.
Read-only IColorFormat.
font_collection_index Returns or sets shape’s font index in a font collection.
Read/write FontCollectionIndex.

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