ShapeType enumeration

Represents preset geometry of geometry shapes.


Member nameDescription
NOT_DEFINEDNot defined.
CUSTOMCustom shape.
This is return-only value.
LINELine Shape.
LINE_INVERSELine Inverse Shape.
TRIANGLETriangle Shape.
RIGHT_TRIANGLERight Triangle Shape.
RECTANGLERectangle Shape.
DIAMONDDiamond Shape.
PARALLELOGRAMParallelogram Shape.
TRAPEZOIDTrapezoid Shape.
NON_ISOSCELES_TRAPEZOIDNon-Isosceles Trapezoid Shape.
PENTAGONPentagon Shape.
HEXAGONHexagon Shape.
HEPTAGONHeptagon Shape.
OCTAGONOctagon Shape.
DECAGONDecagon Shape.
DODECAGONDodecagon Shape.
FOUR_POINTED_STARFour Pointed Star Shape.
FIVE_POINTED_STARFive Pointed Star Shape.
SIX_POINTED_STARSix Pointed Star Shape.
SEVEN_POINTED_STARSeven Pointed Star Shape.
EIGHT_POINTED_STAREight Pointed Star Shape.
TEN_POINTED_STARTen Pointed Star Shape.
TWELVE_POINTED_STARTwelve Pointed Star Shape.
SIXTEEN_POINTED_STARSixteen Pointed Star Shape.
TWENTY_FOUR_POINTED_STARTwenty Four Pointed Star Shape.
THIRTY_TWO_POINTED_STARThirty Two Pointed Star Shape.
ROUND_CORNER_RECTANGLERound Corner Rectangle Shape.
ONE_ROUND_CORNER_RECTANGLEOne Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
TWO_SAMESIDE_ROUND_CORNER_RECTANGLETwo Same-side Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
TWO_DIAGONAL_ROUND_CORNER_RECTANGLETwo Diagonal Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
ONE_SNIP_ONE_ROUND_CORNER_RECTANGLEOne Snip One Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
ONE_SNIP_CORNER_RECTANGLEOne Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
TWO_SAMESIDE_SNIP_CORNER_RECTANGLETwo Same-side Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
TWO_DIAGONAL_SNIP_CORNER_RECTANGLETwo Diagonal Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
PLAQUEPlaque Shape.
ELLIPSEEllipse Shape.
TEARDROPTeardrop Shape.
HOME_PLATEHome Plate Shape.
CHEVRONChevron Shape.
PIE_WEDGEPie Wedge Shape.
PIEPie Shape.
BLOCK_ARCBlock Arc Shape.
DONUTDonut Shape.
NO_SMOKINGNo Smoking Shape.
RIGHT_ARROWRight Arrow Shape.
LEFT_ARROWLeft Arrow Shape.
UP_ARROWUp Arrow Shape.
DOWN_ARROWDown Arrow Shape.
STRIPED_RIGHT_ARROWStriped Right Arrow Shape.
NOTCHED_RIGHT_ARROWNotched Right Arrow Shape.
BENT_UP_ARROWBent Up Arrow Shape.
LEFT_RIGHT_ARROWLeft Right Arrow Shape.
UP_DOWN_ARROWUp Down Arrow Shape.
LEFT_UP_ARROWLeft Up Arrow Shape.
LEFT_RIGHT_UP_ARROWLeft Right Up Arrow Shape.
QUAD_ARROWQuad-Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_LEFT_ARROWCallout Left Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_RIGHT_ARROWCallout Right Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_UP_ARROWCallout Up Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_DOWN_ARROWCallout Down Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_LEFT_RIGHT_ARROWCallout Left Right Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_UP_DOWN_ARROWCallout Up Down Arrow Shape.
CALLOUT_QUAD_ARROWCallout Quad-Arrow Shape.
BENT_ARROWBent Arrow Shape.
U_TURN_ARROWU-Turn Arrow Shape.
CIRCULAR_ARROWCircular Arrow Shape.
LEFT_CIRCULAR_ARROWLeft Circular Arrow Shape.
LEFT_RIGHT_CIRCULAR_ARROWLeft Right Circular Arrow Shape.
CURVED_RIGHT_ARROWCurved Right Arrow Shape.
CURVED_LEFT_ARROWCurved Left Arrow Shape.
CURVED_UP_ARROWCurved Up Arrow Shape.
CURVED_DOWN_ARROWCurved Down Arrow Shape.
SWOOSH_ARROWSwoosh Arrow Shape.
CUBECube Shape.
CANCan Shape.
LIGHTNING_BOLTLightning Bolt Shape.
HEARTHeart Shape.
SUNSun Shape.
MOONMoon Shape.
SMILEY_FACESmiley Face Shape.
IRREGULAR_SEAL1Irregular Seal 1 Shape.
IRREGULAR_SEAL2Irregular Seal 2 Shape.
FOLDED_CORNERFolded Corner Shape.
BEVELBevel Shape.
FRAMEFrame Shape.
HALF_FRAMEHalf Frame Shape.
CORNERCorner Shape.
DIAGONAL_STRIPEDiagonal Stripe Shape.
CHORDChord Shape.
CURVED_ARCCurved Arc Shape.
LEFT_BRACKETLeft Bracket Shape.
RIGHT_BRACKETRight Bracket Shape.
LEFT_BRACELeft Brace Shape.
RIGHT_BRACERight Brace Shape.
BRACKET_PAIRBracket Pair Shape.
BRACE_PAIRBrace Pair Shape.
STRAIGHT_CONNECTOR1Straight Connector 1 Shape.
BENT_CONNECTOR2Bent Connector 2 Shape.
BENT_CONNECTOR3Bent Connector 3 Shape.
BENT_CONNECTOR4Bent Connector 4 Shape.
BENT_CONNECTOR5Bent Connector 5 Shape.
CURVED_CONNECTOR2Curved Connector 2 Shape.
CURVED_CONNECTOR3Curved Connector 3 Shape.
CURVED_CONNECTOR4Curved Connector 4 Shape.
CURVED_CONNECTOR5Curved Connector 5 Shape.
CALLOUT1Callout 1 Shape.
CALLOUT2Callout 2 Shape.
CALLOUT3Callout 3 Shape.
CALLOUT_1_WITH_ACCENTCallout 1 with Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_2_WITH_ACCENTCallout 2 with Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_3_WITH_ACCENTCallout 3 with Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_1_WITH_BORDERCallout 1 with Border Shape.
CALLOUT_2_WITH_BORDERCallout 2 with Border Shape.
CALLOUT_3_WITH_BORDERCallout 3 with Border Shape.
CALLOUT_1_WITH_BORDER_AND_ACCENTCallout 1 with Border and Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_2_WITH_BORDER_AND_ACCENTCallout 2 with Border and Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_3_WITH_BORDER_AND_ACCENTCallout 3 with Border and Accent Shape.
CALLOUT_WEDGE_RECTANGLECallout Wedge Rectangle Shape.
CALLOUT_WEDGE_ROUND_RECTANGLECallout Wedge Round Rectangle Shape.
CALLOUT_WEDGE_ELLIPSECallout Wedge Ellipse Shape.
CALLOUT_CLOUDCallout Cloud Shape.
CLOUDCloud Shape.
RIBBONRibbon Shape.
RIBBON2Ribbon 2 Shape.
ELLIPSE_RIBBONEllipse Ribbon Shape.
ELLIPSE_RIBBON2Ellipse Ribbon 2 Shape.
LEFT_RIGHT_RIBBONLeft Right Ribbon Shape.
VERTICAL_SCROLLVertical Scroll Shape.
HORIZONTAL_SCROLLHorizontal Scroll Shape.
WAVEWave Shape.
DOUBLE_WAVEDouble Wave Shape.
PLUSPlus Shape.
PROCESS_FLOWProcess Flow Shape.
DECISION_FLOWDecision Flow Shape.
INPUT_OUTPUT_FLOWInput Output Flow Shape.
PREDEFINED_PROCESS_FLOWPredefined Process Flow Shape.
INTERNAL_STORAGE_FLOWInternal Storage Flow Shape.
DOCUMENT_FLOWDocument Flow Shape.
MULTI_DOCUMENT_FLOWMulti-Document Flow Shape.
TERMINATOR_FLOWTerminator Flow Shape.
PREPARATION_FLOWPreparation Flow Shape.
MANUAL_INPUT_FLOWManual Input Flow Shape.
MANUAL_OPERATION_FLOWManual Operation Flow Shape.
CONNECTOR_FLOWConnector Flow Shape.
PUNCHED_CARD_FLOWPunched Card Flow Shape.
PUNCHED_TAPE_FLOWPunched Tape Flow Shape.
SUMMING_JUNCTION_FLOWSumming Junction Flow Shape.
OR_FLOWOr Flow Shape.
COLLATE_FLOWCollate Flow Shape.
SORT_FLOWSort Flow Shape.
EXTRACT_FLOWExtract Flow Shape.
MERGE_FLOWMerge Flow Shape.
OFFLINE_STORAGE_FLOWOffline Storage Flow Shape.
ONLINE_STORAGE_FLOWOnline Storage Flow Shape.
MAGNETIC_TAPE_FLOWMagnetic Tape Flow Shape.
MAGNETIC_DISK_FLOWMagnetic Disk Flow Shape.
MAGNETIC_DRUM_FLOWMagnetic Drum Flow Shape.
DISPLAY_FLOWDisplay Flow Shape.
DELAY_FLOWDelay Flow Shape.
ALTERNATE_PROCESS_FLOWAlternate Process Flow Shape.
OFF_PAGE_CONNECTOR_FLOWOff-Page Connector Flow Shape.
BLANK_BUTTONBlank Button Shape.
HOME_BUTTONHome Button Shape.
HELP_BUTTONHelp Button Shape.
INFORMATION_BUTTONInformation Button Shape.
FORWARD_OR_NEXT_BUTTONForward or Next Button Shape.
BACK_OR_PREVIOUS_BUTTONBack or Previous Button Shape.
END_BUTTONEnd Button Shape.
BEGINNING_BUTTONBeginning Button Shape.
RETURN_BUTTONReturn Button Shape.
DOCUMENT_BUTTONDocument Button Shape.
SOUND_BUTTONSound Button Shape.
MOVIE_BUTTONMovie Button Shape.
GEAR6Gear 6 Shape.
GEAR9Gear 9 Shape.
FUNNELFunnel Shape.
PLUS_MATHPlus Math Shape.
MINUS_MATHMinus Math Shape.
MULTIPLY_MATHMultiply Math Shape.
DIVIDE_MATHDivide Math Shape.
EQUAL_MATHEqual Math Shape.
NOT_EQUAL_MATHNot Equal Math Shape.
CORNER_TABSCorner Tabs Shape.
SQUARE_TABSSquare Tabs Shape.
PLAQUE_TABSPlaque Tabs Shape.
CHART_XChart X Shape.
CHART_STARChart Star Shape.
CHART_PLUSChart Plus Shape.

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