Aspose.SVG for .NET


Aspose.SvgAll classes in Aspose.Svg.Dom.Svg namespace are based on w3c SVG2 recommendations. Using this namespace, you can load, navigate or render the SVG file as per your requirements.
Aspose.Svg.BuilderThe Aspose.Svg.Builder namespace contains classes and interfaces for building and manipulating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) documents using the Aspose.SVG library. This namespace provides a rich set of builder classes that simplify the creation and modification of SVG elements and their attributes. These builders offer a fluent API, making the code more readable and maintainable.
Aspose.Svg.CollectionsThe Aspose.Svg.Collections namespace consists of classes to represent, store and manipulate nodes and elements.
Aspose.Svg.ConvertersThe Aspose.Svg.Converters namespace goal is easy access to conversion methods. It provides a wide range of conversions to the popular formats, such as PDF, XPS, image formats, etc. More specific conversion (rendering, saving) user cases are presented by well known and documented low level API functions in subject oriented namespaces.
Aspose.Svg.DataTypesThe namespace provides access to all SVG specific data types.
Aspose.Svg.DiagnosticsThe Aspose.Svg.Diagnostics namespace contains interfaces for working with metrics and collecting logs and traces.
Aspose.Svg.DomThe Aspose.Svg.Dom (Document Object Model) namespace provides API that represents and interacts with any HTML, XML or SVG documents. The DOM is a document model loaded in the browser and representing the document as a node tree, where each node represents part of the document (e.g. an element, text string, or comment).
Aspose.Svg.Dom.AttributesThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Attributes namespace contains unified attribute classes which specifies or qualifies any object (node, element, …) feature or behavior.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.CanvasThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Canvas namespace provides interfaces for 2D rendering details qualification as well as options for filling and Path2D class.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.CssThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Css namespace is for all CSS related manipulations. It concentrates around CSS property name - value pairs specified by CSS official documents.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.EventsThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Events namespace provides objects for any events related DOM updating. It includes subscription to specific contextual information observation associated with event as well as custom events construction.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.MutationsThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Mutations provides opportunity to observe DOM mutations and getting specific callback information.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.TraversalThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Traversal namespace contains methods that create iterators and tree-walkers to navigate between elements and traverse a node and its children in document order.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.Traversal.FiltersThe namespace represented by node filtering functionality. Filters are objects that know how to “filter out” nodes. If a node iterator or tree walker is given a node filter, it applies the filter before it returns the next node. If the filter says to accept the node, the traversal logic returns it; otherwise, traversal looks for the next node and pretends that the node that was rejected was not there.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.ViewsAspose.Svg.Dom.Views namespace describes AbstractView and DocumentView interfaces according Document Object Model Views specification.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.XPathThe namespace contains methods to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document.
Aspose.Svg.DrawingThe Aspose.Svg.Drawing namespace contains objects and interfaces to specify measurement and units as well as drawing attribute objects like brushes, colors and fonts.
Aspose.Svg.EventsThe namespace consists of classes for event based interactivity like time events and zooming.
Aspose.Svg.FiltersThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Svg.Filters namespace contains classes and interfaces related to filter effects in SVG specification.
Aspose.Svg.ImageVectorizationThe Aspose.Svg.ImageVectorization namespace contains classes for vectorizing raster images and converting them to SVG documents. This process involves reducing bitmaps to geometric shapes made up from path elements and storing them as SVG. The namespace includes classes for building path segments, simplifying and smoothing trace points, and configuring vectorization options.
Aspose.Svg.IOIn addition to standard IO (input-output) tools the Aspose.Svg.IO namespace contains helper classes and interfaces.
Aspose.Svg.NetThe Aspose.Svg.Net namespace is presented by classes and interfaces which are responsible for helping easy network processing.
Aspose.Svg.Net.HeadersThe Aspose.Svg.Net.Headers provides few data classes for describing header content at networking.
Aspose.Svg.Net.MessageFiltersThe Aspose.Svg.Net.MessageFilters namespace provides classes which implement message filter abstraction.
Aspose.Svg.Net.MessageHandlersThe Aspose.Svg.Net.MessageHandlers namespace is presented by classes - message handlers of different protocols.
Aspose.Svg.PathsThe Aspose.Svg.Dom.Svg.Paths namespace describes classes for representation of outline of a shape which can be filled or stroked. A path can also be used as a clipping path, to describe animation, or position text.
Aspose.Svg.RenderingThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering namespace consists of numerous renderer objects as well as appropriate low level options classes which are responsible to render documents/files into IDevice implementation.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.FontsThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Fonts namespace contains classes and methods that allows you to control some parts of the font matching algorithm.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.ImageThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Image namespace provides specific device class as well as few rendering options classes responsible for rendering to raster formats: jpeg, png, bmp, gif, tiff.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.PdfThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Pdf namespace provides specific device class as well as few rendering options classes responsible for rendering to a pdf document.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Pdf.EncryptionThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Pdf.Encryption namespace contains data classes describing pdf encryption details like password, encryption algorithm and so on.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.StylesThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Styles namespace contains classes and interfaces defining various style properties of SVG elements during rendering. This includes color schemes, gradients, patterns, fill styles, and other stylistic elements that influence the visual appearance of the SVG elements. These styles are essential for maintaining the integrity of the SVG documents and ensuring they are rendered as per the original design specifications.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Styles.PaintServersThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Styles.PaintServers namespace contains classes and interfaces for handling SVG paint servers. Paint servers are elements that define graphical templates in SVG, such as gradients and patterns, which can be reused in SVG documents. This includes linear gradients, radial gradients, and pattern fills, which can be applied to the fill or stroke of SVG shapes. This namespace encapsulates the logic needed to parse, interpret, and render these paint servers in accordance with the SVG specification.
Aspose.Svg.Rendering.XpsThe Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Xps namespace provides specific device class as well as few rendering options classes responsible for rendering to a xps document.
Aspose.Svg.SavingThe Aspose.Svg.Saving namespace is presented by data classes for description of specific save options at conversion/saving process.
Aspose.Svg.Saving.ResourceHandlersThe Aspose.Svg.Saving.ResourceHandlers namespace contains classes responsible for handling resources.
Aspose.Svg.ServicesThe Aspose.Svg.Services namespace contains interfaces as protocols for service implementations.
Aspose.Svg.Toolkit.OptimizersThe Aspose.Svg.Toolkit.Optimizers namespace contains classes for optimizing SVG documents. The optimization process involves removing unused or invisible elements and their attributes, merging groups, and reducing the size of path segments.
Aspose.Svg.WindowThe Aspose.Svg.Window namespace is related for window object which represents a window containing a DOM document. It includes classes and interfaces related to active document address and browsing history.