The Aspose.Svg.Dom.Attributes namespace contains unified attribute classes which specifies or qualifies any object (node, element, …) feature or behavior.


DOMConstructorAttributeSpecifies a constructor that is defined by the W3C.
DOMNameAttributeSpecifies the official DOM object name as it defined by the W3C.
DOMNamedPropertyGetterAttributeSpecifies that the method will be used as named property getter.
DOMNoInterfaceObjectAttributeIf the [NoInterfaceObject] extended attribute appears on an interface, it indicates that an interface object will not exist for the interface in the ECMAScript binding.
DOMNullableAttributeSpecifies a DOM object can be assigned null value.
DOMObjectAttributeSpecifies that object is marked with this attribute is defined by the W3C.
DOMTreatNullAsAttributeIndicates that null of the member value will be treated as specified value.


AccessorsRepresents the enumeration of member accessors that is defined by the W3C.