The Aspose.Svg.Rendering namespace consists of numerous renderer objects as well as appropriate low level options classes which are responsible to render documents/files into IDevice implementation.


CssOptionsRepresents css rendering options.
DeviceRepresents a base class for implementing rendering devices that are used to draw graphics in various formats and environments.
Device<TGraphicContext,TRenderingOptions>Represents base class for implementation particular rendering devices.
DeviceAdapterRepresents a device adapter that adapts the interface of the wrapped device.
GraphicContextHolds current graphics control parameters. These parameters define the global framework within which the graphics operators execute.
PageSetupRepresents a page setup object is used for configuration output page-set.
RendererRepresents a base class for all renderers and implemnts IDisposable interface.
Renderer<TSource>The base abstract class for all renderers.
RenderingOptionsRepresents rendering options.
SvgRendererRepresents SVG document renderer.
TextInfoContains information about rendered text.


GlyphInfoContains glyph related information.


ICanvasRepresents a canvas for drawing 2D graphics.
ICanvasContextRepresents the context of an HTML canvas 2D drawing.
ICanvasFactoryRepresents a factory for creating instances of the canvas.
ICanvasPathFactoryRepresents a factory for creating canvas paths.
IDeviceDefines methods and properties that support custom rendering of the graphic elements like paths, text and images.
IPathRepresents a path for defining shapes or outlines.
ISVGDeviceContextRepresents a device context for SVG rendering.
ISVGDeviceContextFactoryRepresents a factory for creating SVG device contexts.
ISVGElementRendererServiceRepresents a service for rendering SVG elements.
ISVGRenderContextRepresents a rendering context for SVG rendering.
ISVGRenderContextFactoryRepresents a factory for creating SVG render contexts.


AtPagePrioritySpecifies possible orders of applying page size declarations.
ClipStrategySpecifies the strategy for clipping an SVG element. This enum is used to determine how to apply clipping paths or masks to SVG elements during rendering.
MediaTypeSpecifies possible media types used during rendering.
SizingTypeRepresents the enumeration of page sizing types.