Class Asn

    • Field Detail

      • UID

        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> UID

        The unique identifier of an assignment.

      • TASK

        public static final Key<Task,​Integer> TASK

        The task to which a resource is assigned.

      • RESOURCE

        public static final Key<Resource,​Integer> RESOURCE

        The resource assigned to a task.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> PERCENT_WORK_COMPLETE

        The amount of a work completed on an assignment.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> ACTUAL_COST

        The actual cost incurred on an assignment.


        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> ACTUAL_FINISH

        The actual finish date of an assignment.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_COST

        The actual overtime cost incurred on an assignment.


        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> ACTUAL_START

        The actual start date of an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_WORK

        The actual amount of a work incurred on an assignment.

      • ACWP

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> ACWP

        The actual cost of a work performed on an assignment to-date.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> CONFIRMED

        Determines whether a resource has accepted all of its assignments.

      • COST

        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> COST

        The projected or scheduled cost of an assignment.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> COST_RATE_TABLE_TYPE

        The cost rate table used for this assignment.


        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> COST_VARIANCE

        The difference between the baseline cost and total cost for an assignment.

      • CV

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> CV

        The earned value cost variance. CV is the difference between the assignment's BCWP (budgeted cost of work performed) and ACWP (actual cost of work performed).

      • FINISH

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> FINISH

        The scheduled finish date of an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> FINISH_VARIANCE

        The variance of an assignment finish date from a baseline finish date.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK

        The title of the hyperlink associated with an assignment.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK_ADDRESS

        The title of the hyperlink associated with an assignment.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK_SUB_ADDRESS

        The document bookmark of the hyperlink associated with an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> WORK_VARIANCE

        The difference between baseline work of a task and the currently scheduled work.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> HAS_FIXED_RATE_UNITS

        Determines whether the Units have Fixed Rate.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> FIXED_MATERIAL

        Determines whether the consumption of an assigned material resource occurs in a single, fixed amount.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> LEVELING_DELAY

        The delay caused by leveling.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> LEVELING_DELAY_FORMAT

        The duration format of a delay.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> LINKED_FIELDS

        Determines whether the Project is linked to another OLE object.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> MILESTONE

        Determines whether the assignment is a milestone.

      • NOTES

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> NOTES

        The text notes associated with an assignment.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> OVERALLOCATED

        Determines whether the assignment is over-allocated.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> OVERTIME_COST

        The sum of the actual and remaining overtime cost of an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> OVERTIME_WORK

        The scheduled overtime work of an assignment.

      • PEAK_UNITS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> PEAK_UNITS

        The maximum number of units that a resource is assigned for a task.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REGULAR_WORK

        The amount of a non-overtime work scheduled for an assignment.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> REMAINING_COST

        The remaining projected cost of completing an assignment.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_COST

        The remaining projected overtime cost of completing an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_WORK

        The remaining overtime work scheduled to complete an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REMAINING_WORK

        The remaining work scheduled to complete an assignment.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> RESPONSE_PENDING

        Determines whether the response has been received for a TeamAssign message.

      • START

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> START

        The scheduled start date of an assignment.

      • STOP

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> STOP

        The date when assignment is stopped.

      • RESUME

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> RESUME

        The date when assignment is resumed.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> START_VARIANCE

        The variance of an assignment start date from a baseline start date.

      • SUMMARY

        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> SUMMARY

        Determines whether the task is a summary task.

      • SV

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> SV

        The earned value schedule variance, through the project status date. Schedule variance (SV) is the difference between the BCWP and the BCWS.

      • UNITS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> UNITS

        The number of units for an assignment.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> UPDATE_NEEDED

        Determines whether the resource assigned to a task needs to be updated as to the status of the task.

      • VAC

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> VAC

        The difference between baseline cost and total cost.

      • WORK

        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> WORK

        The amount of scheduled work for an assignment.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> WORK_CONTOUR

        The work contour of an assignment.

      • BCWS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> BCWS

        The budgeted cost of a work on assignment.

      • BCWP

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> BCWP

        The budgeted cost of a work performed on assignment to-date.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> BOOKING_TYPE

        The booking type of an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_WORK_PROTECTED

        The duration through which actual overtime work is protected.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK_PROTECTED

        The duration through which actual work is protected.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK

        The actual amount of an overtime work incurred on an assignment.

      • CREATED

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> CREATED

        The date that the assignment was created.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> ASSIGNMENT_OWNER

        The name of an assignment owner.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> ASSIGNMENT_OWNER_GUID

        The globally unique identifier of an assignment owner.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> BUDGET_COST

        The budgeted cost of resources on an assignment.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> BUDGET_WORK

        The budgeted work amount for a work or material resources on an assignment.

      • RATE_SCALE

        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> RATE_SCALE

        The time unit for the usage rate of the material resource assignment. Returns 0 if not defined.