DbSettings class

Allows to specify settings to read from project database.

public abstract class DbSettings


ConnectionString { get; set; }Gets or sets the connection string.
ProviderInvariantName { get; set; }Gets or sets provider invariant name which is used to get an instance of the DbProviderFactory class. Default value is SqlClient.


Shows how to read a project from a Primavera XML file with multiple projects by using a provider name.

var connectionString = "Data Source=" + DataDir + "\\PPMDBSQLite.db";

// Create Primavera DB Settings using connection string and project id
var settings = new PrimaveraDbSettings(connectionString, 4502);
settings.ProviderInvariantName = "System.Data.SQLite";

Console.WriteLine("Connection String: " + settings.ConnectionString);
Console.WriteLine("Provider Name: " + settings.ProviderInvariantName);

var project = new Project(settings);
project.Save(OutDir + "SupportForSQLiteDatabase_out.mpp", SaveFileFormat.Mpp);

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