PrimaveraSaveOptions class

Allows to specify additional options when saving project to Primavera XER format.

public class PrimaveraSaveOptions : SimpleSaveOptions


PrimaveraSaveOptions()Initializes a new instance of the PrimaveraSaveOptions class.


ActivityIdIncrement { get; set; }Gets or sets the increment used in renumbering of activity IDs.
ActivityIdPrefix { get; set; }Gets or sets the prefix used in renumbering of activity IDs.
ActivityIdSuffix { get; set; }Gets or sets the suffix used in renumbering of activity IDs.
RenumberActivityIds { get; set; }Gets or sets a value indicating whether is need to renumbers activity IDs.
SaveFormat { get; }Gets or sets the format in which the document will be saved if this save options object is used.
TasksComparer { get; set; }Gets or sets the comparer to sort tasks on Gantt chart and Task Sheet chart.
TasksFilter { get; set; }Gets or sets the condition which is used to filter tasks rendered on Gantt, Task Sheet and Task Usage charts.


Shows how to work with <see cref=“Aspose.Tasks.Saving.PrimaveraSaveOptions” />.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "EstimatedMilestoneTasks.mpp");

// create Primavera save options and tune them
var options = new PrimaveraSaveOptions
                      // define prefix and suffix of an activity
                      ActivityIdPrefix = "TEST",
                      ActivityIdSuffix = 10000,

                      // control renumbering of activities
                      ActivityIdIncrement = 5,
                      RenumberActivityIds = true

project.Save(OutDir + "WorkWithPrimaveraSaveOptions_out.xer", options);

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