SaveFileFormat enumeration

Enumeration for saving project format selection.

public enum SaveFileFormat


Mpp0MPP format.
Xml1XML format.
Html2HTML format.
Bmp3BMP format.
Png4PNG format.
Jpeg5JPEG format.
Pdf6PDF format.
Tiff7TIFF format.
Xps8XPS format.
Xaml9XAML format.
Svg10SVG format.
Csv11CSV format.
Txt12Text format (tab delimited).
Spreadsheet200313Spreadsheet XML (Excel 2003).
Xlsx14OOXML (Office Open XML, Excel 2007+).
PrimaveraP6Xml15Primavera P6 Xml format.
PrimaveraXer16Primavera PM XER format.
Mpx17MPX format.
GdHtml18Html format for saving project data in a set of html tables.


Shows how to save a project in CSV format.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject1.mpp");
project.Save(OutDir + "SaveProjectAsCSV_out.csv", SaveFileFormat.Csv);

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