SaveFileFormat enumeration

Enumeration for saving project format selection.

public enum SaveFileFormat


Name Value Description
Mpp 0 MPP format.
Xml 1 XML format.
Html 2 HTML format.
Bmp 3 BMP format.
Png 4 PNG format.
Jpeg 5 JPEG format.
Pdf 6 PDF format.
Tiff 7 TIFF format.
Xps 8 XPS format.
Xaml 9 XAML format.
Svg 10 SVG format.
Csv 11 CSV format.
Txt 12 Text format (tab delimited).
Spreadsheet2003 13 Spreadsheet XML (Excel 2003).
Xlsx 14 OOXML (Office Open XML, Excel 2007+).
PrimaveraP6Xml 15 Primavera P6 Xml format.
PrimaveraXer 16 Primavera PM XER format.
Mpx 17 MPX format.
GdHtml 18 Html format for saving project data in a set of html tables.


Shows how to save a project in CSV format.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject1.mpp");
project.Save(OutDir + "SaveProjectAsCSV_out.csv", SaveFileFormat.Csv);

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