Spreadsheet2003SaveOptions class

Allows to specify additional options when rendering project pages to Spreadsheet2003.

public class Spreadsheet2003SaveOptions : SimpleSaveOptions


Spreadsheet2003SaveOptions()Initializes a new instance of the Spreadsheet2003SaveOptions class.


AssignmentView { get; set; }Gets or sets a list of the assignments view columns to render (AssignmentViewColumn).
ResourceView { get; set; }Gets or sets a list of the resource view columns to render (ResourceViewColumn).
SaveFormat { get; }Gets or sets the format in which the document will be saved if this save options object is used.
TasksComparer { get; set; }Gets or sets the comparer to sort tasks on Gantt chart and Task Sheet chart.
TasksFilter { get; set; }Gets or sets the condition which is used to filter tasks rendered on Gantt, Task Sheet and Task Usage charts.
View { get; set; }Gets or sets a list of the view columns (GanttChartColumn) to save. If not set then default columns are saved.


Shows how to add columns to be exported during export project into Spreadsheet2003 format.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject2.mpp");

var options = new Spreadsheet2003SaveOptions();
var ganttChartColumn = new GanttChartColumn("WBS", 100, delegate(Task task) { return task.Get(Tsk.WBS); });

var resourceViewColumn = new ResourceViewColumn("Cost center", 100, delegate(Resource resource) { return resource.Get(Rsc.CostCenter); });

var assignmentViewColumn = new AssignmentViewColumn("Notes", 200, delegate(ResourceAssignment assignment) { return assignment.Get(Asn.NotesText); });

project.Save(OutDir + "UsingSpreadsheet2003SaveOptions_out.xml", options);

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