BarShape enumeration

Shape of a bar rectangle.

public enum BarShape


Full0Indicates Full rectangle bar shape.
HalfHeight1Indicates Half height rectangle bar shape.
Thin2Indicates Thin rectangle bar shape.
None3Indicates None bar shape.
Middle4Indicates Rectangle middle bar shape.
LineBottom5Indicates Line bottom bar shape.


Shows how to use custom bar styles.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2.mpp");
SaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions
    BarStyles = new List<BarStyle>()

// add a bar style for milestone tasks
var style = new BarStyle();
// set <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.BarItemType" /> of the bar style
style.ItemType = BarItemType.Milestone;
// set <see cref="T:System.Drawing.Color" /> of the bar style.
style.BarColor = Color.Green;
// set <see cref="P:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.BarStyle.BarShape" /> of the bar style
style.BarShape = BarShape.HalfHeight;
// set <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.Shape" /> at the beginning of the bar
style.StartShape = Shape.LeftBracket;
// set <see cref="T:System.Drawing.Color" /> of the shape at the beginning of the bar
style.StartShapeColor = Color.Aqua;
// set <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.Shape" /> at the end of the bar
style.EndShape = Shape.RightBracket;
// set <see cref="T:System.Drawing.Color" /> of the shape at the end of the bar
style.EndShapeColor = Color.Aquamarine;
// set of the text to render on the right of the bar.
style.TextStyle = new TextStyle();
style.TextStyle.BackgroundColor = Color.Black;

// there is exists a feature that allow to convert a text of the bar
// lets set converter to get text for the bar to render.
style.LeftBarTextConverter = task =>
    if (!task.Get(Tsk.Name).StartsWith("T"))
        task.Set(Tsk.Name, "T" + task.Get(Tsk.Name));

    return task.Get(Tsk.Name);


// save the project
project.Save(OutDir + "WorkWithBarStyle_out.mpp", options);

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