GridlineType enumeration

Type of gridline.

public enum GridlineType


GanttRow0Indicates Gridline of a gantt row grid line type.
TopTierColumn1Indicates Gridline of top tier column grid line type.
BottomTierColumn2Indicates Gridline of bottom tier column grid line type.
SheetRow3Indicates Gridline of a sheet row grid line type.
SheetColumn4Indicates Gridline of a sheet column grid line type.
UsageRow5Indicates Gridline of a usage row grid line type.
UsageColumn6Indicates Gridline of a usage column grid line type.
GanttTitleVertical7Indicates Gantt title vertical grid line type.
GanttTitleHorizontal8Indicates Gantt title horizontal grid line type.
BarRows9Indicates Bar rows grid line type.
GanttProjectStart10Indicates Gantt project start grid line type.
GanttProjectFinish11Indicates Gantt project finish grid line type.
GanttStatusDate12Indicates Gantt status date grid line type.
GanttCurrentDate13Indicates Gantt current date grid line type.
GanttPageBreaks14Indicates Gantt page breaks grid line type.
MiddleTierColumn15Indicates Gridline of middle tier column grid line type.


Shows how to work with gridlines while save in visual formats.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject2.mpp");
var options = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.Png);

var gridline = new Gridline
    // set the type of gridline (<see cref="P:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.Gridline.GridlineType" />).
    GridlineType = GridlineType.GanttRow, 
    // set the <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.LinePattern" /> of a gridline
    Pattern = LinePattern.Dashed

options.Gridlines = new List<Gridline>();

project.Save(OutDir + "PrintProjectPagesToSeparateFiles_out.png", options);

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