RecurringInterval.DayType enumeration

Represents a day type used in progress lines.

public enum DayType


Sunday1Indicates Sunday.
Monday2Indicates Monday.
Tuesday3Indicates Tuesday.
Wednesday4Indicates Wednesday.
Thursday5Indicates Thursday.
Friday6Indicates Friday.
Saturday7Indicates Saturday.
Day8Indicates Day.
Workday9Indicates Working day.
NonworkingDay10Indicates Nonworking day.


Shows how to work with recurring interval of progress lines.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2007.mpp");
project.Set(Prj.StatusDate, project.Get(Prj.StartDate));

var view = (GanttChartView)project.Views.ToList()[1];

// lets read progress line
var interval = view.ProgressLines.RecurringInterval;

Console.WriteLine("Interval: " + interval.Interval);
Console.WriteLine("Weekly Week Number: " + interval.WeeklyWeekNumber);
foreach (var day in interval.WeeklyDays)
    Console.WriteLine("Week day: " + day);

// lets redefine recurring interval
var newInterval = new RecurringInterval();

// set a value indicating whether to show monthly progress lines by day.
interval.MonthlyDay = true;
// set the day number of monthly progress lines.
interval.MonthlyDayDayNumber = 1;
// set the month number of monthly progress lines.
interval.MonthlyDayMonthNumber = 1;
// set a value indicating whether to show progress lines by first or last predefined day.
interval.MonthlyFirstLast = true;
// set the first or the last day type of monthly progress lines.
interval.MonthlyFirstLastDay = RecurringInterval.DayType.Day;
// set the month number of progress lines, which are shown by first or last predefined day.
interval.MonthlyFirstLastMonthNumber = 1;

view.ProgressLines.RecurringInterval = newInterval;

project.Save(OutDir + "WorkWithRecurringInterval_out.pdf", SaveFileFormat.Pdf);

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