ReportType enumeration

Type of the project’s graphical report.

public enum ReportType


ProjectOverview0Shows the project’s start and finish date, percentage of duration that’s complete, percentage complete for top-level tasks and coming up milestones.
CostOverview1Shows the project’s start and finish dates, the current scheduled and remaining cost, % Complete and cost values for top-level tasks.
WorkOverview2Shows baseline, actual, remaining work for each top-level task and work for work resources.
ResourceOverview3Shows baseline, actual, and remaining work by resource.
ResourceCostOverview4Shows baseline, actual, and remaining cost by resource.
CriticalTasks5Shows project tasks that are critical.
LateTasks6Shows project tasks that are late.
Milestones7Shows milestones that are late, coming up and completed.
UpcomingTask8Shows tasks that are due during the current week and tasks starting during current week.
CostOverruns9Shows cost variance by task and resource.
TaskCostOverview10Shows baseline, actual, and remaining cost of all top-level tasks.
OverallocatedResources11Shows the number of remaining work hours for over allocated resources.
SlippingTasks12Shows tasks that are due to finish after their baseline finish dates (baseline must be set).
BestPracticeAnalyzer13Shows tasks with no actual work, not assigned tasks, tasks with duration less than 8 hours and summaries assigned with the resources.
Burndown14Includes work burndown and task burndown charts. The work burndown chart shows how much work people have finished, how much is scheduled to be finished before the project finish date, and the baseline estimate of how much work would be completed at this point in the project. The task burndown chart shows the number of tasks finished, the number remaining, and the baseline estimate of how many would be finished at this point in the project.
CashFlow15Shows the costs and cumulative costs per quarter for all top-level tasks.


Shows how to save the project burndown report in PDF format to the specified stream.

var project = new Project(DataDir + @"Homemoveplan.mpp");
using (var stream = new FileStream(OutDir + "Burndown_out.pdf", FileMode.Create))
    project.SaveReport(stream, ReportType.Burndown);

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