Timescale enumeration

Defines options which specifies how to render timescale in Gantt Chart, Task Usage or Resource Usage views when the project is exported to a graphic format.

public enum Timescale


DefinedInView0Use timescale settings defined in project view’s properties: BottomTimescaleTier, MiddleTimescaleTier, TopTimescaleTier. Valid for formats which contains view data. For example, projects which are read from MPP format.
Days1Predefined two-tiered timescale where minimal level of detail is one day.
ThirdsOfMonths10Predefined two-tiered timescale where level of detail is one third of month.
Months30Predefined two-tiered timescale where minimal level of detail is one month.


Shows how to save project as SVG file.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "EstimatedMilestoneTasks.mpp");
SaveOptions options = new SvgOptions
                            // set the <see cref="P:Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveOptions.PresentationFormat" /> in which the document will be saved
                            PresentationFormat = PresentationFormat.GanttChart,

                            // set a value indicating whether row height should be increased to fit its content
                            FitContent = true,

                            // set the minimal time period to render. The default value is <see cref="P:Aspose.Tasks.Saving.SaveOptions.Timescale">Days</see>
                            Timescale = Timescale.ThirdsOfMonths,

                            // determines whether to use gradient brush when rendering project layout
                            // Currently using of gradient brush is not supported for rendering to SVG.
                            // UseGradientBrush = true
project.Save(OutDir + "UseSvgOptions_out.svg", options);

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