TimescaleUnit enumeration

Specifies the unit of time for any tier of a timescale in a Gantt chart or other time phased view.

public enum TimescaleUnit


None-1Indicates None. The timescale tier is hidden.
Minutes0Indicates Minutes timescale unit.
Hours1Indicates Hours timescale unit.
Days2Indicates Days timescale unit.
Weeks3Indicates Weeks timescale unit.
ThirdsOfMonths4Indicates Thirds of months timescale unit.
Months5Indicates Months timescale unit.
Quarters6Indicates Quarters of years timescale unit.
HalfYears7Indicates Half years timescale unit.
Years8Indicates Years timescale unit.


Shows how to customize timescale tier labels.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject1.mpp");

// Add task links
project.TaskLinks.Add(project.RootTask.Children.Add("Task 1"), project.RootTask.Children.Add("Task 2"));

var view = (GanttChartView)project.DefaultView;

// tune timescale tiers

// tune the top tier
// set the top timescale tier of the Gantt Chart view.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier = new TimescaleTier();
// set timescale unit <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.TimescaleUnit" /> for the timescale tier.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.Unit = TimescaleUnit.Weeks;
// set the time unit interval in which to show labels for the tier.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.Count = 1;
// set date label <see cref="T:Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.DateLabel" /> for the timescale tier.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.Label = DateLabel.WeekDddDd;
// set how to align labels within each time period of the tier (<see cref="T:System.Drawing.StringAlignment" />).
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.Alignment = HorizontalStringAlignment.Center;
// set a value indicating whether whether to show tick marks that separate time periods in the tier.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.ShowTicks = true;
// set a value indicating whether to base the tier labels on the fiscal year.
view.MiddleTimescaleTier.UsesFiscalYear = true;

// added for better visualization
view.TopTimescaleTier = new TimescaleTier(TimescaleUnit.Months, 1);

// customize middle tier dates
view.TopTimescaleTier.DateTimeConverter = date =>
    new[] { "Янв.", "Фев.", "Мар.", "Апр.", "Май", "Июнь", "Июль", "Авг.", "Сен.", "Окт.", "Ноя.", "Дек." }[date.Month - 1];

project.Set(Prj.TimescaleStart, new DateTime(2012, 7, 30));
project.Set(Prj.TimescaleFinish, new DateTime(2012, 10, 6));

// Use 'Timescale.DefinedInView' option to render timescales using timescale settings defined in view (view.TopTimescaleTier, view.MiddleTimescaleTier, view.BottomTimescaleTier). 
var pdfSaveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions
    Timescale = Timescale.DefinedInView

project.Save(OutDir + "CustomizeTimescaleTierLabels_out.pdf", pdfSaveOptions);

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