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Asn class

Represents properties of ResourceAssignment object.

public static class Asn


Name Description
static readonly ActualCost The actual cost incurred on an assignment.
static readonly ActualFinish The actual finish date of an assignment.
static readonly ActualOvertimeCost The actual overtime cost incurred on an assignment.
static readonly ActualOvertimeWork The actual amount of an overtime work incurred on an assignment.
static readonly ActualOvertimeWorkProtected The duration through which actual work is protected.
static readonly ActualStart The actual start date of an assignment.
static readonly ActualWork The actual amount of a work incurred on an assignment.
static readonly ActualWorkProtected The duration through which actual overtime work is protected.
static readonly ACWP The actual cost of a work performed on an assignment to-date.
static readonly AssignmentOwner The name of an assignment owner.
static readonly AssignmentOwnerGuid The globally unique identifier of an assignment owner.
static readonly BCWP The budgeted cost of a work performed on assignment to-date.
static readonly BCWS The budgeted cost of a work on assignment.
static readonly BookingType The booking type of an assignment.
static readonly BudgetCost The budgeted cost of resources on an assignment.
static readonly BudgetWork The budgeted work amount for a work or material resources on an assignment.
static readonly Confirmed Determines whether a resource has accepted all of its assignments.
static readonly Cost The projected or scheduled cost of an assignment.
static readonly CostRateTableType The cost rate table used for this assignment.
static readonly CostVariance The difference between the baseline cost and total cost for an assignment.
static readonly Created The date that the assignment was created.
static readonly CV The earned value cost variance. CV is the difference between the assignment’s BCWP (budgeted cost of work performed) and ACWP (actual cost of work performed).
static readonly Delay The delay of an assignment.
static readonly Finish The scheduled finish date of an assignment.
static readonly FinishVariance The variance of an assignment finish date from a baseline finish date.
static readonly FixedMaterial Determines whether the consumption of an assigned material resource occurs in a single, fixed amount.
static readonly HasFixedRateUnits Determines whether the Units have Fixed Rate.
static readonly Hyperlink The title or explanatory text of a hyperlink associated with an assignment.
static readonly HyperlinkAddress The address for a hyperlink associated with assignment.
static readonly HyperlinkSubAddress The specific location in a document in a hyperlink associated with an assignment.
static readonly LevelingDelay The delay caused by leveling.
static readonly LinkedFields Determines whether the Project is linked to another OLE object.
static readonly Milestone Determines whether the assignment is a milestone.
static readonly NotesRTF The text notes in RTF format. Supported for MPP formats only.
static readonly NotesText Notes’ plain text extracted from RTF data.
static readonly Overallocated Determines whether the assignment is over-allocated.
static readonly OvertimeCost The sum of the actual and remaining overtime cost of an assignment.
static readonly OvertimeWork The scheduled overtime work of an assignment.
static readonly PeakUnits The maximum number of units that a resource is assigned for a task.
static readonly PercentWorkComplete The amount of a work completed on an assignment.
static readonly RateScale The time unit for the usage rate of the material resource assignment. Returns 0 if not defined.
static readonly RegularWork The amount of a non-overtime work scheduled for an assignment.
static readonly RemainingCost The remaining projected cost of completing an assignment.
static readonly RemainingOvertimeCost The remaining projected overtime cost of completing an assignment.
static readonly RemainingOvertimeWork The remaining overtime work scheduled to complete an assignment.
static readonly RemainingWork The remaining work scheduled to complete an assignment.
static readonly Resource The resource assigned to a task.
static readonly ResponsePending Determines whether the response has been received for a TeamAssign message.
static readonly Resume The date when assignment is resumed.
static readonly Start The scheduled start date of an assignment.
static readonly StartVariance The variance of an assignment start date from a baseline start date.
static readonly Stop The date when assignment is stopped.
static readonly Summary Determines whether the task is a summary task.
static readonly SV The earned value schedule variance, through the project status date. Schedule variance (SV) is the difference between the BCWP and the BCWS.
static readonly Task The task to which a resource is assigned.
static readonly Uid The unique identifier of an assignment.
static readonly Units The number of units for an assignment.
static readonly UpdateNeeded Determines whether the resource assigned to a task needs to be updated as to the status of the task.
static readonly VAC The difference between baseline cost and total cost.
static readonly Work The amount of scheduled work for an assignment.
static readonly WorkContour The work contour of an assignment.
static readonly WorkVariance The difference between baseline work of a task and the currently scheduled work.


Shows how to read/write Asn.Uid property.

var project = new Project();

var task = project.RootTask.Children.Add("Task 1");
task.Set(Tsk.Start, new DateTime(2000, 1, 3, 8, 0, 0));
task.Set(Tsk.Duration, project.GetDuration(8));

var resource = project.Resources.Add("Resource 1");
resource.Set(Rsc.Type, ResourceType.Work);

var assignment = project.ResourceAssignments.Add(task, resource);
assignment.Set(Asn.Uid, 30);

Console.WriteLine("UID: " + assignment.Get(Asn.Uid));

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