BackgroundPattern enumeration

Specifies the background pattern.

public enum BackgroundPattern


Name Value Description
DarkDiagonalLeft 7 Indicates Dark diagonal left background pattern.
DarkDiagonalRight 8 Indicates Dark diagonal right background pattern.
DarkDither 13 Indicates Dark dither background pattern.
DarkFill 4 Indicates Dark fill background pattern.
DiagonalLeft 5 Indicates Diagonal left background pattern.
DiagonalRight 6 Indicates Diagonal right background pattern.
Hollow 0 Indicates Hollow background pattern.
LightDither 11 Indicates Light dither background pattern.
LightFill 2 Indicates Light fill background pattern.
MediumDither 12 Indicates Medium dither background pattern.
MediumFill 3 Indicates Medium fill background pattern.
MediumVerticalStripe 10 Indicates Medium vertical stripe background pattern.
SolidFill 1 Indicates Solid fill background pattern.
ThinVerticalStripe 9 Indicates Thin vertical stripe background pattern.


Shows how to customize text styles which are used to style different text items in a project.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject2.mpp");
SaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions
    PresentationFormat = PresentationFormat.ResourceSheet

var style = new TextStyle();
style.Color = Color.OrangeRed;
style.Font = new FontDescriptor(FontFamily.GenericMonospace.Name, 10F, FontStyles.Bold | FontStyles.Italic);
style.ItemType = TextItemType.OverallocatedResources;
style.BackgroundColor = Color.Aqua;
style.BackgroundPattern = BackgroundPattern.DarkDither;

options.TextStyles = new List<TextStyle>
project.Save(OutDir + "CustomizeTextStyle_out.pdf", options);

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