BaselineType enumeration

Specifies the baseline type used to calculate Variance values.

public enum BaselineType


Name Value Description
Undefined -1 Indicates the field was not defined in original project file.
Baseline 0 Indicates Baseline type.
Baseline1 1 Indicates Baseline1 type.
Baseline2 2 Indicates Baseline2 type.
Baseline3 3 Indicates Baseline3 type.
Baseline4 4 Indicates Baseline4 type.
Baseline5 5 Indicates Baseline5 type.
Baseline6 6 Indicates Baseline6 type.
Baseline7 7 Indicates Baseline7 type.
Baseline8 8 Indicates Baseline8 type.
Baseline9 9 Indicates Baseline9 type.
Baseline10 10 Indicates Baseline10 type.


While exporting into XML the Undefined values will be eliminated from resulting XML.

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