CalendarExceptionType enumeration

Specifies the calendar exception type.

public enum CalendarExceptionType


Name Value Description
Daily 0 Indicates Daily exception type.
YearlyByDay 1 Indicates Yearly by day of the month exception type.
YearlyByPosition 2 Indicates Yearly by position exception type.
MonthlyByDay 3 Indicates Monthly by day of the month exception type.
MonthlyByPosition 4 Indicates Monthly by position exception type.
Weekly 5 Indicates Weekly exception type.
ByDayCount 6 Indicates By day count exception type.
ByWeekDayCount 7 Indicates By weekday count exception type.
NoExceptionType 8 Indicates No exception type.


Shows how to define a calendar exception by occurrences.

var project = new Project();

// Define a calendar
var calendar = project.Calendars.Add("Calendar1");

// Define exception and specify occurrences
var exception = new CalendarException();
exception.EnteredByOccurrences = true;
exception.Occurrences = 5;
exception.Type = CalendarExceptionType.YearlyByDay;
exception.MonthDay = 22;
exception.Month = Month.April;

// Add exception to calendar

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