CostAccrualType enumeration

Specifies the type of an accrual cost.

public enum CostAccrualType


Name Value Description
Undefined -1 Indicates undefined value means that the field was not defined in original project file.
Start 0 Indicates Start cost accrual type.
Prorated 1 Indicates Prorated cost accrual type.
End 2 Indicates End cost accrual type.
Invalid 3 Indicates Invalid cost accrual type.


While exporting into XML the Undefined values will be eliminated from resulting XML.


Shows how and when resource standard and overtime costs are to be charged, or accrued (accrual method: Determines when the cost for a resource is incurred and when actual costs are charged to a project. You can incur costs at the start [Start] or finish [End] of a task or prorate them [Prorated] during the task.), to the cost of a task (CostAccrualType.End).

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2.mpp");
var resource = project.Resources.GetById(1);
// set cost accrual type
// if you select the End option, costs are not accrued until remaining work is zero.
resource.Set(Rsc.AccrueAt, CostAccrualType.End);
// work with the project...

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