FileFormat enumeration

Specifies the project’s file format.

public enum FileFormat


Undefined0Can not be defined.
P6XML1Represents Primavera P6 XML format.
XML2Microsoft Project XML format.
MPP83Microsoft Project 2000 format.
MPP94Microsoft Project 2003 format.
MPP125Microsoft Project 2007 format.
MPP146Microsoft Project 2010 format.
MPT97Microsoft Project 2003 template format.
MPT128Microsoft Project 2007 template format.
MPT149Microsoft Project 2010 (2013) template format.
MPX10Mpx file format
XER11Represents Primavera XER format
HTML12Represents HTML format
ProjectServer13Project was read from Project Server or Project Online


Shows how to read check project file format.

var info = Project.GetProjectFileInfo(DataDir + "Project.xml");
Console.WriteLine("CanRead: " + info.CanRead);
Console.WriteLine("ProjectApplicationInfo: " + info.ProjectApplicationInfo);
Console.WriteLine("ProjectFileFormat: " + info.ProjectFileFormat);

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