FilterComparisonType enumeration

The type of comparison made between FieldName and Value that acts as selection criteria for the filter.

public enum FilterComparisonType


Name Value Description
Equals 6 The value of Field equals Value.
DoesNotEqual 7 The value of Field does not equal Value.
IsGreaterThan 2 The value of Field is greater than Value.
IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo 4 The value of Field is greater than or equal to Value.
IsLessThan 3 The value of Field is less than Value.
IsLessThanOrEqualTo 5 The value of Field is less than or equal to Value.
IsWithin 1 The value of Field is within Value.
IsNotWithin 9 The value of Field is not within Value.
Contains 8 The value of Field contains Value.
DoesNotContain 10 The value of Field does not contain Value.
ContainsExactly 11 The value of Field exactly contains Value.
IsOneOf 12 The value of Field equals to one of the specified Values. Used in AutoFilters.
Undefined 0 Undefined value.


Shows how to read task filter criteria.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2003.mpp");

var filter = project.TaskFilters.ToList()[1];
Console.WriteLine("Count of criteria rows: " + filter.Criteria.CriteriaRows.Count);
foreach (var row in filter.Criteria.CriteriaRows)
    Console.WriteLine("Field: " + row.Field);
    Console.WriteLine("Operation: " + row.Operation);
    Console.WriteLine("Test: " + row.Test);

    var values = row.Values.Where(c => c != null).ToArray();
    if (values.Length == 0)

    Console.WriteLine("Value{0}: {1}", values.Length == 1 ? "" : "s", string.Join(", ", values));

// print filter criteria as a string 

var criteria1 = filter.Criteria.CriteriaRows[0];
Console.WriteLine("Criteria filter 1:");

var criteria2 = filter.Criteria.CriteriaRows[1];
Console.WriteLine("Criteria filter 2:");

var criteria21 = criteria2.CriteriaRows[0];
Console.WriteLine("Criteria filter 21:");

var criteria22 = criteria2.CriteriaRows[1];
Console.WriteLine("Criteria filter 22:");

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