MonthPosition enumeration

Specifies the position of a month item within a month.

public enum MonthPosition


Undefined-1Indicates Undefined month position.
First0Indicates First position month position.
Second1Indicates Second position month position.
Third2Indicates Third position month position.
Fourth3Indicates Fourth position month position.
Last4Indicates Last position month position.


Shows how to define calendar exception by month day.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "project_test.mpp");

// create a calendar
var calendar = project.Calendars.Add("Calendar1");

// create calendar exception for every friday
var exception = new CalendarException();
exception.Type = CalendarExceptionType.MonthlyByDay;
exception.FromDate = new DateTime(2010, 1, 1);
exception.ToDate = new DateTime(2020, 12, 31);
exception.Month = Month.December;
exception.MonthDay = 1;
exception.MonthItem = MonthItemType.Undefined;
exception.MonthPosition = MonthPosition.Last;
exception.Period = 5;

// check that aa friday is exceptional
Console.WriteLine("Is date an exception date: " + exception.CheckException(new DateTime(2012, 12, 1)));

// add the exception to the calendar

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