OutlineValueType enumeration

Specifies the type of an outline value.

public enum OutlineValueType


Name Value Description
Null 0 Indicates Null outline value type.
Date 1 Indicates Date outline value type.
Duration 2 Indicates Duration outline value type.
Cost 3 Indicates Cost outline value type.
Number 4 Indicates Number outline value type.
Flag 5 Indicates Flag outline value type.
Text 6 Indicates Text outline value type.
FinishDate 7 Indicates Finish Date outline value type.


Shows how to work with outline values.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "OutlineValues2010.mpp");

var outline = new OutlineCodeDefinition();
outline.FieldId = ExtendedAttributeTask.OutlineCode7.ToString("D");
outline.Alias = "My Outline Code";
var outline2 = new OutlineCodeDefinition();
outline2.FieldId = ExtendedAttributeTask.OutlineCode7.ToString("D");
outline2.Alias = "My Outline Code 2";


var mask = new OutlineMask();
mask.Type = MaskType.Characters;

// create an outline value
var value = new OutlineValue();

// set the actual value
value.Value = "Text value 1";

// set the unique Id of an outline code value within a project
value.ValueId = 1;

// get a GUID which identifies this value among others in the entire project
Console.WriteLine("Check value GUID: " + value.ValueGuid);

// set the outline code type
value.Type = OutlineValueType.Text;

// set the description of an outline value
value.Description = "Text value descr 1";

// set a value indicating whether outline value is collapsed or not
value.IsCollapsed = false;

// check parent value id
Console.WriteLine("Check parent value id: " + value.ParentValueId);

// create an outline value with duration
var value2 = new OutlineValue();

// set the duration value
value2.DurationValue = project.GetDuration(1, TimeUnitType.Hour);

// set the unique Id of an outline code value within a project
value2.ValueId = 2;

// ...

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