OutlineValueType enumeration

Specifies the type of an outline value.

public enum OutlineValueType


Null0Indicates Null outline value type.
Date1Indicates Date outline value type.
Duration2Indicates Duration outline value type.
Cost3Indicates Cost outline value type.
Number4Indicates Number outline value type.
Flag5Indicates Flag outline value type.
Text6Indicates Text outline value type.
FinishDate7Indicates Finish Date outline value type.


Shows how to work with outline values.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "OutlineValues2010.mpp");

var outline = new OutlineCodeDefinition();
outline.FieldId = ExtendedAttributeTask.OutlineCode7.ToString("D");
outline.Alias = "My Outline Code";
var outline2 = new OutlineCodeDefinition();
outline2.FieldId = ExtendedAttributeTask.OutlineCode7.ToString("D");
outline2.Alias = "My Outline Code 2";


var mask = new OutlineMask();
mask.Type = MaskType.Characters;

// create an outline value
var value = new OutlineValue();

// set the actual value
value.Value = "Text value 1";

// set the unique Id of an outline code value within a project
value.ValueId = 1;

// get a GUID which identifies this value among others in the entire project
Console.WriteLine("Check value GUID: " + value.ValueGuid);

// set the outline code type
value.Type = OutlineValueType.Text;

// set the description of an outline value
value.Description = "Text value descr 1";

// set a value indicating whether outline value is collapsed or not
value.IsCollapsed = false;

// check parent value id
Console.WriteLine("Check parent value id: " + value.ParentValueId);

// create an outline value with duration
var value2 = new OutlineValue();

// set the duration value
value2.DurationValue = project.GetDuration(1, TimeUnitType.Hour);

// set the unique Id of an outline code value within a project
value2.ValueId = 2;

// ...

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