ParseErrorArgs class

Provides data for the ParseErrorCallback delegate.

public class ParseErrorArgs


Exception { get; }Gets the raised exception during parsing string value.
FieldName { get; }Gets the object field name.
FieldType { get; }Gets the object field type.
InvalidValue { get; }Gets the string value which raised an exception.


Shows how to read a project from a stream with XML file with invalid characters.

public static void LoadProjectFromFile(string pathToModifiedXml)
    // open the file which contains XML with broken timespans
    var project = new Project(pathToModifiedXml, CustomDurationHandlerForFile2);

public static object CustomDurationHandlerForFile2(object sender, ParseErrorArgs args)
    var regex = new Regex("[*]{2}(\\d+)Hrs(\\d+)Mins(\\d+)Secs[*]{2}");
    if (args.FieldType != typeof(TimeSpan))
        throw args.Exception;

    Console.WriteLine("Object field: {0}, Object field type: {1}, Invalid value: {2}", args.FieldName, args.FieldType, args.InvalidValue);
    var duration = regex.Replace(args.InvalidValue, "PT$1H$2M$3S");
    var newValue = Duration.ParseTimeSpan(duration);
    Console.WriteLine("New value : {0}", newValue);
    return newValue;

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