ProjectInfo class

Brief info about the published project available on Project Online.

public sealed class ProjectInfo


ProjectInfo()Initializes a new instance of the ProjectInfo class.


CreatedDate { get; }Gets the date and time when the project was created.
Description { get; }Gets the description of the project.
Id { get; }Gets the unique identifier of the project.
IsCheckedOut { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the project is checked out.
LastPublishedDate { get; }Gets the most recent date when the project was published.
LastSavedDate { get; }Gets the most recent date when the project was saved.
Name { get; }Gets the name of the project.


Shows how to read information about projects from Project Online.

const string SharepointDomainAddress = "";
const string UserName = "";
const string Password = "MyPassword";

var credentials = new ProjectServerCredentials(SharepointDomainAddress, UserName, Password);

var reader = new ProjectServerManager(credentials);
IEnumerable<ProjectInfo> list = reader.GetProjectList();

// read project's information
Console.WriteLine("Print information about projects:");
foreach (var info in list)
    Console.WriteLine("Id: " + info.Id);
    Console.WriteLine("Name: " + info.Name);
    Console.WriteLine("Description: " + info.Description);
    Console.WriteLine("Created Date: " + info.CreatedDate);
    Console.WriteLine("Last Saved Date: " + info.LastSavedDate);
    Console.WriteLine("Last Published Date: " + info.LastPublishedDate);
    Console.WriteLine("Is Checked Out: " + info.IsCheckedOut);

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