ResourceCollection class

Represents a collection of Resource objects.

public class ResourceCollection : IList<Resource>


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets the number of elements contained in the ResourceCollection. Read-only Int32.
Item { get; set; } Returns the element at the specified index.
ParentProject { get; } Gets the parent project of the ResourceCollection object.


Name Description
Add() Adds new resource at the last position of a project resources collection.
Add(string) Adds new resource at the last position of a project resources collection.
Add(string, int) Adds new resource at the specified position of a project resources collection.
Clear() Direct clearing is not supported, this method just throw NotSupportedException.
GetById(int) Returns a resource with the specified id.
GetByUid(int) Returns a resource with the specified Uid.
GetEnumerator() Returns an enumerator for this collection.
Remove(Resource) This is the stub implementation of ICollection’s Remove method, that only throws NotSupportedException
ToList() Converts the ResourceCollection object to a list of Resource objects.


Shows how to work with resource collections.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "SampleProject.mpp");

// add empty resource
var resource = project.Resources.Add();
resource.Set(Rsc.Type, ResourceType.Work);

// add resource with a name
var developer = project.Resources.Add("Developer");
developer.Set(Rsc.Type, ResourceType.Work);

// add resource before the resource with specified ID
var manager = project.Resources.Add("Manager", developer.Get(Rsc.Id));
manager.Set(Rsc.Type, ResourceType.Work);

var devResource = project.Resources.GetById(4);
devResource.Set(Rsc.Code, "12345");

var manResource = project.Resources.GetByUid(4);
manResource.Set(Rsc.Code, "54321");

// get resource by id

Console.WriteLine("Print the resources of " + project.Resources.ParentProject.Get(Prj.Name) + " project.");
Console.WriteLine("Count of resources: " + project.Resources.Count);
foreach (var rsc in project.Resources)
    Console.WriteLine("Resource Name: " + rsc.Get(Rsc.Name));


// resource collections does not support Clear operation
// project.Resources.Clear();
// use next code sample instead
List<Resource> list = project.Resources.ToList();
foreach (var rsc in list)

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