TimeUnitType enumeration

Specifies the type of a time unit.

public enum TimeUnitType


Name Value Description
Undefined -1 Indicates Undefined value means that the field was not defined in original project file.
Minute 0 Indicates Minute time unit type.
ElapsedMinute 1 Indicates Elapsed minute time unit type.
Hour 2 Indicates Hour time unit type.
ElapsedHour 3 Indicates Elapsed hour time unit type.
Day 4 Indicates Day time unit type.
ElapsedDay 5 Indicates Elapsed day time unit type.
Week 6 Indicates Week time unit type.
ElapsedWeek 7 Indicates Elapsed week time unit type.
Month 8 Indicates Month time unit type.
ElapsedMonth 9 Indicates Elapsed month time unit type.
Percent 10 Indicates Percent time unit type.
ElapsedPercent 11 Indicates Elapsed percent time unit type.
Null 12 Indicates Null time unit type.
MinuteEstimated 13 Indicates Minute estimated time unit type.
ElapsedMinuteEstimated 14 Indicates Elapsed minute estimated time unit type.
HourEstimated 15 Indicates Hour estimated time unit type.
ElapsedHourEstimated 16 Indicates Elapsed hour estimated time unit type.
DayEstimated 17 Indicates Day estimated time unit type.
ElapsedDayEstimated 18 Indicates Elapsed day estimated time unit type.
WeekEstimated 19 Indicates Week estimated time unit type.
ElapsedWeekEstimated 20 Indicates Elapsed week estimated time unit type.
MonthEstimated 21 Indicates Month estimated time unit type.
ElapsedMonthEstimated 22 Indicates Elapsed month estimated time unit type.
PercentEstimated 23 Indicates Percent estimated time unit type.
ElapsedPercentEstimated 24 Indicates Elapsed percent estimated time unit type.
Year 25 Indicates Year time unit type.


While exporting into XML the Undefined values will be eliminated from resulting XML.


Shows how to convert a duration into different time unit types.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "TaskDurations.mpp");

// Get a task to calculate its duration in different formats
var task = project.RootTask.Children.GetById(1);

// Get the duration in Minutes, Days, Hours, Weeks and Months
var mins = task.Get(Tsk.Duration).Convert(TimeUnitType.Minute).ToDouble();
Console.WriteLine("Duration in Mins: {0}", mins);
var days = task.Get(Tsk.Duration).Convert(TimeUnitType.Day).ToDouble();
Console.WriteLine("Duration in Days: {0}", days);
var hours = task.Get(Tsk.Duration).Convert(TimeUnitType.Hour).ToDouble();
Console.WriteLine("Duration in Hours: {0}", hours);
var weeks = task.Get(Tsk.Duration).Convert(TimeUnitType.Week).ToDouble();
Console.WriteLine("Duration in Weeks: {0}", weeks);
var months = task.Get(Tsk.Duration).Convert(TimeUnitType.Month).ToDouble();
Console.WriteLine("Duration in Months: {0}", months);

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