Contains classes for creating Risk Analysis Report.


RiskAnalysisResultRepresents a result of risk analysis.
RiskAnalysisSettingsSpecifies settings for performing risk analysis.
RiskAnalyzerPerforms a Monte Carlo simulation based on the specified risk analysis settings.
RiskItemStatisticsRepresents an item which stores statistical data for the task of the analyzed project.
RiskItemStatisticsCollectionRepresents a collection containing the instances of the
RiskPatternRepresents a risk pattern for a project task.
RiskPatternCollectionRepresents a collection containing the instances of the


ConfidenceLevelSpecifies supported confidence levels used in risk analysis that correspond to
the percentage of the time the actual values will be within optimistic and pessimistic estimates.
ProbabilityDistributionTypeSpecifies types of supported probability distributions.
RiskItemTypeSpecifies task fields for which the statistical information is gathered during risk analysis.