SvgOptions class

Allows to specify additional options when rendering project pages to SVG.

The SvgOptions type exposes the following members:


SvgOptions()Initializes a new instance of the


bar_stylesGets or sets the list of the instances of the
draw_non_working_timeGets or sets a value indicating whether non-working time should be drawn (Default value is TRUE).
end_dateGets or sets a date to finish rendering to.
fit_timescale_to_end_of_pageGets or sets whether a calendar section of a view should be rendered to the end (right side) of the last page.
If value is false, calendar section is rendered exactly to EndDate, even there is an empty space on a page.
fit_contentGets or sets a value indicating whether row height should be increased to fit its content.
gridlinesGets or sets a list of
legend_on_each_pageGets or sets a value indicating whether legend should be shown on each page (Default value is TRUE).
mark_critical_tasksGets or sets a value indicating whether critical tasks should be displayed in red color (Default value is FALSE).
non_working_time_colorGets or sets the non-working time color.
page_countGets or sets the number of pages of project.
page_sizeGets or sets the size of page to be rendered (Default value is PageSize.A4).
presentation_formatGets or sets the
roll_up_gantt_barsGets or sets a value indicating whether subtasks on the summary task bar should be marked.
For subtasks, the Rollup field indicates whether information on the subtask Gantt bars will be rolled up to the summary task bar.
For summary tasks, the Rollup field indicates whether the summary task bar displays rolled up bars.
You must have the Rollup field for summary tasks set to Yes for any subtasks to roll up to them.
save_formatGets or sets the format in which the document will be saved if this save options object is used.
start_dateGets or sets the date to start rendering from.
text_stylesGets or sets the list of the instances of the
timescaleGets or sets the
use_gradient_brushDetermines whether to use gradient brush when rendering project layout.
viewGets or sets a list of the view columns to render (
view_settingsGets or sets a view (
custom_page_sizeGets or sets the custom page size in points (1 point = 1/72 of inch).
render_to_single_pageGets or sets a value indicating whether a project should be rendered to a single page
when project is saved in graphical format.
The page size will be changed so the rendered project can be fit on one page.
page_saving_callbackGets or sets a user-defined implementation callback which is used to get an output stream for each rendered page.

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