Class MathRendererOptions

MathRendererOptions class

Math formula common rendering options.

public class MathRendererOptions : FigureRendererOptions


MathRendererOptions()Creates a new instance.


BackgroundColor { get; set; }Gets/sets the background color.
ErrorReport { get; }Gets the error report.
LogStream { get; set; }Gets/set the stream to write log output to.
Margin { get; set; }Gets/sets the margin width.
Preamble { get; set; }Gets/sets LaTeX document preamble.
RequiredInputDirectory { get; set; }Gets/sets the directory for the required input, e.g., packages that are beyond Aspose.TeX’s LaTeX support.
Scale { get; set; }Gets/set the scale. 1000 means 100%, 1200 means 120%, etc.
ShowTerminal { get; set; }The flag that controls terminal output. If
TextColor { get; set; }Gets/sets the formula text color.

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