Class XpsDevice

XpsDevice class

Implements the interface for outputting text and graphic content to XPS document.

public class XpsDevice : Device, IFragmentRasterizer, IInteractiveDevice


XpsDevice()Creates new instance. The output file will be written to the output working directory taking the job name as a file name.
XpsDevice(Stream)Creates new instance. The output file will be written to specified stream.


override DestinationName { get; }Gets destination name: output file name or device description.
override Fill { get; set; }Gets/sets the current fill.
override FillOpacity { get; set; }Gets/sets the current fill opacity.
override IsReady { get; }Shows if device is ready for output.
override PageCount { get; }Gets the number of pages.
override Stroke { get; set; }Gets/sets the current stroke.
override StrokeOpacity { get; set; }Gets/sets the current stroke opacity.


AddBookmark(string, PointF)Adds the bookmark identified by the name.
override AddHyperlink(RectangleF, Pen, string)Set the hyperlink with a URI as its target.
override Create()Creates a copy of this device.
override Dispose()Disposes this device instance. Finalizes this device instance graphics state, i.e. switches APS composing context to the ApsCanvas of the level higher then this device’s graphics state ApsCanvas.
override DrawPath(GraphicsPath)Draws a path.
override DrawString(string, float, float, List<GlyphData>)Draws a text string.
override EndDocument()Finalizes the whole document.
EndFragment()Ends a fragment to rasterize.
override EndPage()Finalizes a page.
override FillPath(GraphicsPath)Fill a path.
override Init()Initializes device.
override SetClip(GraphicsPath)Sets the current clip path.
override SetTransform(Matrix)Sets the current coordinate space transformation.
override ShowImage(PointF, SizeF, byte[])Shows a raster image.
override StartDocument()Starts the whole document.
StartFragment()Starts a fragment to rasterize.
override StartPage(float, float)Starts a new page.

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