Licensing Aspose.PDF for .NET

The “Licensing Aspose.PDF for .NET” tutorials explain in detail how to manage the license to use Aspose.PDF for .NET. These tutorials walk you through the various methods of uploading and applying a license, including using an external license file or an embedded license chain. You will also learn how to check your license status and manage license exceptions. These resources will help you understand the essential aspects of managing the Aspose.PDF for .NET license in your projects.


Configure Metered License Keys In PDF FileStep-by-step guide to set up a metered license keys in PDF file with Aspose.PDF for .NET and benefit from advanced features.
Load License From FileStep by step guide to load license from file using Aspose.PDF for .NET. Unlock additional features and use Aspose.PDF optimally.
Load License From Stream ObjectStep-by-step guide to load a license from a Stream object using Aspose.PDF for .NET. Unlock additional features.
Secure License In PDF FileStep-by-step guide to securing a license in PDF file using Aspose.PDF for .NET. Protect your PDF application from unauthorized access.
Set License Using Embedded ResourceStep-by-step guide to setting a license using an embedded resource with Aspose.PDF for .NET. Unlock full features.