Aspose::Words::Drawing::Charts::ChartXValueCollection class

ChartXValueCollection class

Represents a collection of X values for a chart series.

class ChartXValueCollection : public System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Drawing::Charts::ChartXValue>>


get_Count()Gets the number of items in this collection.
GetEnumerator() overrideReturns an enumerator object.
GetType() const override
idx_get(int32_t)Gets or sets the X value at the specified index.
idx_set(int32_t, const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Drawing::Charts::ChartXValue>&)Gets or sets the X value at the specified index.
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
static Type()


All items of the collection other than null must have the same ValueType.

The collection allows only changing X values. To add or insert new values to a chart series, or remove values, the appropriate methods of the ChartSeries class can be used.

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