Aspose::Words::Drawing::Charts::ChartYValue class

ChartYValue class

Represents an Y value for a chart series.

class ChartYValue : public System::Object


Equals(System::SharedPtr<System::Object>) overrideGets a flag indicating whether the specified object is equal to the current Y value object.
static FromDateTime(System::DateTime)Creates a ChartYValue instance of the DateTime type.
static FromDouble(double)Creates a ChartYValue instance of the Double type.
static FromTimeSpan(System::TimeSpan)Creates a ChartYValue instance of the Time type.
get_DateTimeValue() constGets the stored datetime value.
get_DoubleValue() constGets the stored numeric value.
get_TimeValue() constGets the stored time value.
get_ValueType() constGets the type of the Y value stored in the object.
GetHashCode() const overrideGets a hash code for the current Y value object.
GetType() const override
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
static Type()


This class contains a number of static methods for creating an Y value of a particular type. The ValueType property allows you to determine the type of an existing Y value.

All non-null Y values of a chart series must be of the same ChartYValueType type.

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