Aspose::Words::Drawing::ShapeBase::get_IsMoveFromRevision method

ShapeBase::get_IsMoveFromRevision method

Returns true if this object was moved (deleted) in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.

bool Aspose::Words::Drawing::ShapeBase::get_IsMoveFromRevision()


Shows how to identify move revision shapes.

// A move revision is when we move an element in the document body by cut-and-pasting it in Microsoft Word while
// tracking changes. If we involve an inline shape in such a text movement, that shape will also be a revision.
// Copying-and-pasting or moving floating shapes do not create move revisions.
auto doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Revision shape.docx");

// Move revisions consist of pairs of "Move from", and "Move to" revisions. We moved in this document in one shape,
// but until we accept or reject the move revision, there will be two instances of that shape.
ArrayPtr<SharedPtr<Shape>> shapes = doc->GetChildNodes(NodeType::Shape, true)->LINQ_OfType<SharedPtr<Shape>>()->LINQ_ToArray();

ASSERT_EQ(2, shapes->get_Length());

// This is the "Move to" revision, which is the shape at its arrival destination.
// If we accept the revision, this "Move to" revision shape will disappear,
// and the "Move from" revision shape will remain.

// This is the "Move from" revision, which is the shape at its original location.
// If we accept the revision, this "Move from" revision shape will disappear,
// and the "Move to" revision shape will remain.

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