Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode class

FieldDisplayBarcode class

Implements the DISPLAYBARCODE field. To learn more, visit the Working with Fields documentation article.

class FieldDisplayBarcode : public Aspose::Words::Fields::Field,
                            public Aspose::Words::Fields::IFieldCodeTokenInfoProvider


get_AddStartStopChar()Gets or sets whether to add Start/Stop characters for barcode types NW7 and CODE39.
get_BackgroundColor()Gets or sets the background color of the barcode symbol. Valid values are in the range [0, 0xFFFFFF].
get_BarcodeType()Gets or sets the barcode type (QR, etc.)
get_BarcodeValue()Gets or sets the barcode value.
get_CaseCodeStyle()Gets or sets the style of a Case Code for barcode type ITF14. The valid values are [STD
get_DisplayResult()Gets the text that represents the displayed field result.
get_DisplayText()Gets or sets whether to display barcode data (text) along with image.
get_End() constGets the node that represents the field end.
get_ErrorCorrectionLevel()Gets or sets an error correction level of QR Code. Valid values are [0, 3].
get_FieldEnd() constGets the node that represents the field end.
get_FieldStart() constGets the node that represents the start of the field.
get_FixCheckDigit()Gets or sets whether to fix the check digit if it’s invalid.
get_ForegroundColor()Gets or sets the foreground color of the barcode symbol. Valid values are in the range [0, 0xFFFFFF].
get_Format()Gets a FieldFormat object that provides typed access to field’s formatting.
get_IsDirty()Gets whether the current result of the field is no longer correct (stale) due to other modifications made to the document.
get_IsLocked()Gets or sets whether the field is locked (should not recalculate its result).
get_LocaleId()Gets or sets the LCID of the field.
get_PosCodeStyle()Gets or sets the style of a Point of Sale barcode (barcode types UPCA
get_Result()Gets or sets text that is between the field separator and field end.
get_ScalingFactor()Gets or sets a scaling factor for the symbol. The value is in whole percentage points and the valid values are [10, 1000].
get_Separator()Gets the node that represents the field separator. Can be null.
get_Start() constGets the node that represents the start of the field.
get_SymbolHeight()Gets or sets the height of the symbol. The units are in TWIPS (1/1440 inch).
get_SymbolRotation()Gets or sets the rotation of the barcode symbol. Valid values are [0, 3].
virtual get_Type() constGets the Microsoft Word field type.
GetFieldCode()Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator). Both field code and field result of child fields are included.
GetFieldCode(bool)Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator).
GetType() const override
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
Remove()Removes the field from the document. Returns a node right after the field. If the field’s end is the last child of its parent node, returns its parent paragraph. If the field is already removed, returns null.
set_AddStartStopChar(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_AddStartStopChar.
set_BackgroundColor(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_BackgroundColor.
set_BarcodeType(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_BarcodeType.
set_BarcodeValue(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_BarcodeValue.
set_CaseCodeStyle(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_CaseCodeStyle.
set_DisplayText(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_DisplayText.
set_ErrorCorrectionLevel(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_ErrorCorrectionLevel.
set_FixCheckDigit(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_FixCheckDigit.
set_ForegroundColor(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_ForegroundColor.
set_IsDirty(bool)Sets whether the current result of the field is no longer correct (stale) due to other modifications made to the document.
set_IsLocked(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_IsLocked.
set_LocaleId(int32_t)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_LocaleId.
set_PosCodeStyle(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_PosCodeStyle.
set_Result(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::Field::get_Result.
set_ScalingFactor(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_ScalingFactor.
set_SymbolHeight(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_SymbolHeight.
set_SymbolRotation(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldDisplayBarcode::get_SymbolRotation.
static Type()
Unlink()Performs the field unlink.
Update()Performs the field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.
Update(bool)Performs a field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.


Shows how to insert a DISPLAYBARCODE field, and set its properties.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);

auto field = System::ExplicitCast<FieldDisplayBarcode>(builder->InsertField(FieldType::FieldDisplayBarcode, true));

// Below are four types of barcodes, decorated in various ways, that the DISPLAYBARCODE field can display.
// 1 -  QR code with custom colors:

ASSERT_EQ(u" DISPLAYBARCODE  ABC123 QR \\b 0xF8BD69 \\f 0xB5413B \\q 3 \\s 250 \\h 1000 \\r 0", field->GetFieldCode());

// 2 -  EAN13 barcode, with the digits displayed below the bars:
field = System::ExplicitCast<FieldDisplayBarcode>(builder->InsertField(FieldType::FieldDisplayBarcode, true));

ASSERT_EQ(u" DISPLAYBARCODE  501234567890 EAN13 \\t \\p CASE \\x", field->GetFieldCode());

// 3 -  CODE39 barcode:
field = System::ExplicitCast<FieldDisplayBarcode>(builder->InsertField(FieldType::FieldDisplayBarcode, true));

ASSERT_EQ(u" DISPLAYBARCODE  12345ABCDE CODE39 \\d", field->GetFieldCode());

// 4 -  ITF4 barcode, with a specified case code:
field = System::ExplicitCast<FieldDisplayBarcode>(builder->InsertField(FieldType::FieldDisplayBarcode, true));

ASSERT_EQ(u" DISPLAYBARCODE  09312345678907 ITF14 \\c STD", field->GetFieldCode());

doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"Field.DISPLAYBARCODE.docx");

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