Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldSeparator class

FieldSeparator class

Represents a Word field separator that separates the field code from the field result. To learn more, visit the Working with Fields documentation article.

class FieldSeparator : public Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldChar


Accept(System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::DocumentVisitor>) overrideAccepts a visitor.
Clone(bool)Creates a duplicate of the node.
get_CustomNodeId() constSpecifies custom node identifier.
virtual get_Document() constGets the document to which this node belongs.
get_FieldType() constReturns the type of the field.
get_Font()Provides access to the font formatting of this object.
virtual get_IsComposite()Returns true if this node can contain other nodes.
get_IsDeleteRevision()Returns true if this object was deleted in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.
get_IsDirty() constGets or sets whether the current result of the field is no longer correct (stale) due to other modifications made to the document.
get_IsFormatRevision()Returns true if formatting of the object was changed in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.
get_IsInsertRevision()Returns true if this object was inserted in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.
get_IsLocked() constGets or sets whether the parent field is locked (should not recalculate its result).
get_IsMoveFromRevision()Returns true if this object was moved (deleted) in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.
get_IsMoveToRevision()Returns true if this object was moved (inserted) in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.
get_NextNode() const
get_NextSibling()Gets the node immediately following this node.
get_NodeType() const overrideReturns FieldSeparator.
get_ParentNode()Gets the immediate parent of this node.
get_ParentParagraph()Retrieves the parent Paragraph of this node.
get_PreviousSibling()Gets the node immediately preceding this node.
get_PrevNode() const
get_Range()Returns a Range object that represents the portion of a document that is contained in this node.
GetAncestor(Aspose::Words::NodeType)Gets the first ancestor of the specified NodeType.
GetField()Returns a field for the field char.
GetText() overrideGets the special character that this node represents.
GetType() const override
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
IsAncestorNode(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)
NextPreOrder(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)Gets next node according to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm.
static NodeTypeToString(Aspose::Words::NodeType)A utility method that converts a node type enum value into a user friendly string.
PreviousPreOrder(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)Gets the previous node according to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm.
Remove()Removes itself from the parent.
set_CustomNodeId(int32_t)Setter for Aspose::Words::Node::get_CustomNodeId.
set_IsDirty(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldChar::get_IsDirty.
set_IsLocked(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Fields::FieldChar::get_IsLocked.
set_NextNode(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)
set_PrevNode(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)
SetParent(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node>&)
ToString(Aspose::Words::SaveFormat)Exports the content of the node into a string in the specified format.
ToString(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Saving::SaveOptions>&)Exports the content of the node into a string using the specified save options.
static Type()


FieldSeparator is an inline-level node and represented by the FieldSeparatorChar control character in the document.

FieldSeparator can only be a child of Paragraph.

A complete field in a Microsoft Word document is a complex structure consisting of a field start character, field code, field separator character, field result and field end character. Some fields only have field start, field code and field end.

To easily insert a new field into a document, use the InsertField() method.


Shows how to work with a collection of fields.

void FieldCollection_()
    auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();
    auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);

    builder->InsertField(u" DATE \\@ \"dddd, d MMMM yyyy\" ");
    builder->InsertField(u" TIME ");
    builder->InsertField(u" REVNUM ");
    builder->InsertField(u" AUTHOR  \"John Doe\" ");
    builder->InsertField(u" SUBJECT \"My Subject\" ");
    builder->InsertField(u" QUOTE \"Hello world!\" ");

    SharedPtr<FieldCollection> fields = doc->get_Range()->get_Fields();

    ASSERT_EQ(6, fields->get_Count());

    // Iterate over the field collection, and print contents and type
    // of every field using a custom visitor implementation.
    auto fieldVisitor = MakeObject<ExField::FieldVisitor>();

        SharedPtr<System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerator<SharedPtr<Field>>> fieldEnumerator = fields->GetEnumerator();
        while (fieldEnumerator->MoveNext())
            if (fieldEnumerator->get_Current() != nullptr)
                if (fieldEnumerator->get_Current()->get_Separator() != nullptr)
                std::cout << "There are no fields in the document." << std::endl;

    std::cout << fieldVisitor->GetText() << std::endl;

class FieldVisitor : public DocumentVisitor
        mBuilder = MakeObject<System::Text::StringBuilder>();

    String GetText()
        return mBuilder->ToString();

    VisitorAction VisitFieldStart(SharedPtr<FieldStart> fieldStart) override
        mBuilder->AppendLine(String(u"Found field: ") + System::ObjectExt::ToString(fieldStart->get_FieldType()));
        mBuilder->AppendLine(String(u"\tField code: ") + fieldStart->GetField()->GetFieldCode());
        mBuilder->AppendLine(String(u"\tDisplayed as: ") + fieldStart->GetField()->get_Result());

        return VisitorAction::Continue;

    VisitorAction VisitFieldSeparator(SharedPtr<FieldSeparator> fieldSeparator) override
        mBuilder->AppendLine(String(u"\tFound separator: ") + fieldSeparator->GetText());

        return VisitorAction::Continue;

    VisitorAction VisitFieldEnd(SharedPtr<FieldEnd> fieldEnd) override
        mBuilder->AppendLine(String(u"End of field: ") + System::ObjectExt::ToString(fieldEnd->get_FieldType()));

        return VisitorAction::Continue;

    SharedPtr<System::Text::StringBuilder> mBuilder;

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