Aspose::Words::Fonts::FontFallbackSettings::BuildAutomatic method

FontFallbackSettings::BuildAutomatic method

Automatically builds the fallback settings by scanning available fonts.

void Aspose::Words::Fonts::FontFallbackSettings::BuildAutomatic()


Shows how to distribute fallback fonts across Unicode character code ranges.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();

auto fontSettings = MakeObject<FontSettings>();
SharedPtr<FontFallbackSettings> fontFallbackSettings = fontSettings->get_FallbackSettings();

// Configure our font settings to source fonts only from the "MyFonts" folder.
auto folderFontSource = MakeObject<FolderFontSource>(FontsDir, false);

// Calling the "BuildAutomatic" method will generate a fallback scheme that
// distributes accessible fonts across as many Unicode character codes as possible.
// In our case, it only has access to the handful of fonts inside the "MyFonts" folder.
fontFallbackSettings->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"FontSettings.FallbackSettingsCustom.BuildAutomatic.xml");

// We can also load a custom substitution scheme from a file like this.
// This scheme applies the "AllegroOpen" font across the "0000-00ff" Unicode blocks, the "AllegroOpen" font across "0100-024f",
// and the "M+ 2m" font in all other ranges that other fonts in the scheme do not cover.
fontFallbackSettings->Load(MyDir + u"Custom font fallback settings.xml");

// Create a document builder and set its font to one that does not exist in any of our sources.
// Our font settings will invoke the fallback scheme for characters that we type using the unavailable font.
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);
builder->get_Font()->set_Name(u"Missing Font");

// Use the builder to print every Unicode character from 0x0021 to 0x052F,
// with descriptive lines dividing Unicode blocks we defined in our custom font fallback scheme.
for (int i = 0x0021; i < 0x0530; i++)
    switch (i)
    case 0x0021:
        builder->Writeln(u"\n\n0x0021 - 0x00FF: \nBasic Latin/Latin-1 Supplement Unicode blocks in \"AllegroOpen\" font:");

    case 0x0100:
        builder->Writeln(u"\n\n0x0100 - 0x024F: \nLatin Extended A/B blocks, mostly in \"AllegroOpen\" font:");

    case 0x0250:
        builder->Writeln(u"\n\n0x0250 - 0x052F: \nIPA/Greek/Cyrillic blocks in \"M+ 2m\" font:");

    builder->Write(String::Format(u"{0}", System::Convert::ToChar(i)));

doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"FontSettings.FallbackSettingsCustom.pdf");

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