Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions class

LoadOptions class

Allows to specify additional options (such as password or base URI) when loading a document into a Document object. To learn more, visit the Specify Load Options documentation article.

class LoadOptions : public System::Object


Equals(System::SharedPtr<System::Object>) override
get_BaseUri() constGets or sets the string that will be used to resolve relative URIs found in the document into absolute URIs when required. Can be null or empty string. Default is null.
get_ConvertMetafilesToPng() constGets or sets whether to convert metafile (Wmf or Emf) images to Png image format.
get_ConvertShapeToOfficeMath() constGets or sets whether to convert shapes with EquationXML to Office Math objects.
get_Encoding() constGets or sets the encoding that will be used to load an HTML, TXT, or CHM document if the encoding is not specified inside the document. Can be null. Default is null.
get_FontSettings() constAllows to specify document font settings.
get_IgnoreOleData() constSpecifies whether to ignore the OLE data.
get_LanguagePreferences() constGets language preferences that will be used when document is loading.
get_LoadFormat() constSpecifies the format of the document to be loaded. Default is Auto.
get_MswVersion() constAllows to specify that the document loading process should match a specific MS Word version. Default value is Word2019
get_Password() constGets or sets the password for opening an encrypted document. Can be null or empty string. Default is null.
get_PreserveIncludePictureField() constGets or sets whether to preserve the INCLUDEPICTURE field when reading Microsoft Word formats. The default value is false.
get_ProgressCallback() constCalled during loading a document and accepts data about loading progress.
get_ResourceLoadingCallback() constAllows to control how external resources (images, style sheets) are loaded when a document is imported from HTML, MHTML.
get_TempFolder() constAllows to use temporary files when reading document. By default this property is null and no temporary files are used.
get_UpdateDirtyFields() constSpecifies whether to update the fields with the dirty attribute.
get_UseSystemLcid() const
get_WarningCallback() constCalled during a load operation, when an issue is detected that might result in data or formatting fidelity loss.
GetType() const override
Is(const System::TypeInfo&) const override
LoadOptions()Initializes a new instance of this class with default values.
LoadOptions(const System::String&)A shortcut to initialize a new instance of this class with the specified password to load an encrypted document.
LoadOptions(Aspose::Words::LoadFormat, const System::String&, const System::String&)A shortcut to initialize a new instance of this class with properties set to the specified values.
set_BaseUri(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_BaseUri.
set_ConvertMetafilesToPng(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_ConvertMetafilesToPng.
set_ConvertShapeToOfficeMath(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_ConvertShapeToOfficeMath.
set_Encoding(const System::SharedPtr<System::Text::Encoding>&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_Encoding.
set_FontSettings(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Fonts::FontSettings>&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_FontSettings.
set_IgnoreOleData(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_IgnoreOleData.
set_LoadFormat(Aspose::Words::LoadFormat)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_LoadFormat.
set_MswVersion(Aspose::Words::Settings::MsWordVersion)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_MswVersion.
set_Password(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_Password.
set_PreserveIncludePictureField(bool)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_PreserveIncludePictureField.
set_ProgressCallback(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Loading::IDocumentLoadingCallback>&)Called during loading a document and accepts data about loading progress.
set_ResourceLoadingCallback(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Loading::IResourceLoadingCallback>&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_ResourceLoadingCallback.
set_TempFolder(const System::String&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_TempFolder.
set_UpdateDirtyFields(bool)Specifies whether to update the fields with the dirty attribute.
set_WarningCallback(const System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::IWarningCallback>&)Setter for Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_WarningCallback.
static Type()


Shows how to load an encrypted Microsoft Word document.

SharedPtr<Document> doc;

// Aspose.Words throw an exception if we try to open an encrypted document without its password.
ASSERT_THROW(doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Encrypted.docx"), IncorrectPasswordException);

// When loading such a document, the password is passed to the document's constructor using a LoadOptions object.
auto options = MakeObject<LoadOptions>(u"docPassword");

// There are two ways of loading an encrypted document with a LoadOptions object.
// 1 -  Load the document from the local file system by filename:
doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Encrypted.docx", options);

// 2 -  Load the document from a stream:
    SharedPtr<System::IO::Stream> stream = System::IO::File::OpenRead(MyDir + u"Encrypted.docx");
    doc = MakeObject<Document>(stream, options);

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