Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_TempFolder method

LoadOptions::get_TempFolder method

Allows to use temporary files when reading document. By default this property is null and no temporary files are used.

System::String Aspose::Words::Loading::LoadOptions::get_TempFolder() const


The folder must exist and be writable, otherwise an exception will be thrown.

Aspose.Words automatically deletes all temporary files when reading is complete.


Shows how to load a document using temporary files.

// Note that such an approach can reduce memory usage but degrades speed
auto loadOptions = MakeObject<LoadOptions>();

// Ensure that the directory exists and load

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Document.docx", loadOptions);

Shows how to use the hard drive instead of memory when loading a document.

// When we load a document, various elements are temporarily stored in memory as the save operation occurs.
// We can use this option to use a temporary folder in the local file system instead,
// which will reduce our application's memory overhead.
auto options = MakeObject<LoadOptions>();
options->set_TempFolder(ArtifactsDir + u"TempFiles");

// The specified temporary folder must exist in the local file system before the load operation.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Document.docx", options);

// The folder will persist with no residual contents from the load operation.
ASSERT_EQ(0, System::IO::Directory::GetFiles(options->get_TempFolder())->get_Length());

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