Aspose::Words::Properties::PropertyType enum

PropertyType enum

Specifies data type of a document property.

enum class PropertyType


Boolean0The property is a boolean value.
DateTime1The property is a date time value.
Double2The property is a floating number.
Number3The property is an integer number.
String4The property is a string value.
StringArray5The property is an array of strings.
ObjectArray6The property is an array of objects.
ByteArray7The property is an array of bytes.
Other8The property is some other type.


Shows how to work with a document’s custom properties.

auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();
SharedPtr<CustomDocumentProperties> properties = doc->get_CustomDocumentProperties();

ASSERT_EQ(0, properties->get_Count());

// Custom document properties are key-value pairs that we can add to the document.
properties->Add(u"Authorized", true);
properties->Add(u"Authorized By", String(u"John Doe"));
properties->Add(u"Authorized Date", System::DateTime::get_Today());
properties->Add(u"Authorized Revision", doc->get_BuiltInDocumentProperties()->get_RevisionNumber());
properties->Add(u"Authorized Amount", 123.45);

// The collection sorts the custom properties in alphabetic order.
ASSERT_EQ(1, properties->IndexOf(u"Authorized Amount"));
ASSERT_EQ(5, properties->get_Count());

// Print every custom property in the document.
    SharedPtr<System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerator<SharedPtr<DocumentProperty>>> enumerator = properties->GetEnumerator();
    while (enumerator->MoveNext())
        std::cout << String::Format(u"Name: \"{0}\"\n\tType: \"{1}\"\n\tValue: \"{2}\"", enumerator->get_Current()->get_Name(),
                                    enumerator->get_Current()->get_Type(), enumerator->get_Current()->get_Value())
                  << std::endl;

// Display the value of a custom property using a DOCPROPERTY field.
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(doc);
auto field = System::ExplicitCast<FieldDocProperty>(builder->InsertField(u" DOCPROPERTY \"Authorized By\""));

ASSERT_EQ(u"John Doe", field->get_Result());

// We can find these custom properties in Microsoft Word via "File" -> "Properties" > "Advanced Properties" > "Custom".
doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"DocumentProperties.DocumentPropertyCollection.docx");

// Below are three ways or removing custom properties from a document.
// 1 -  Remove by index:

ASSERT_FALSE(properties->Contains(u"Authorized Amount"));
ASSERT_EQ(4, properties->get_Count());

// 2 -  Remove by name:
properties->Remove(u"Authorized Revision");

ASSERT_FALSE(properties->Contains(u"Authorized Revision"));
ASSERT_EQ(3, properties->get_Count());

// 3 -  Empty the entire collection at once:

ASSERT_EQ(0, properties->get_Count());

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